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From New York City border to border and coast to coast your connected with Tom solvent. This. You are. And thank you for coming by. Okay. I've started something. Now. Welcome to the program on this Friday. Good Friday the nineteenth day of April two thousand nineteen. My name is dumb Sullivan. So I've got I've got it going now with amid arguing with the audience here on CD roms DVD's. Mcdowell's men. No. But dowsman. He says we don't know why you're having a problem with CD's all PC's come with the DVD CD reader some of them you can write with copy dis. How else do you load software? I'm going dowsman. Where have you been man? This is. I've bought two desktops and new ipad in the last five years. None of them came with a DVD or CD reader. None of that. And how do you load software? Download it. You don't you don't I haven't. I haven't loaded a software into my computer in. I don't know ten years. You just whatever you're buying. You downloaded Yopougon it up in there. It is on your computer. I don't which is Andrew says. Hey, Tom the deal. Why laptops, don't have CD ROM drives is because now everyone wants thin light, laptops. The drive is about a half an inch. And now the notebooks are super thin. Thank you, Andrew. That is very very informative. I just bought a new ipad. And I got to tell you this thing is as light as a wafer. And it's about as thick as a waiver. And it's so powerful. I mean, my old ipad was just getting kind of going along. It took a while for things to load. It was getting slow. So I got this new one in and it is the lightning fast and things are things are going to be light more fast. One this five G comes along. It's okay. Cyber loafing fax machines are hip compliant. No way. Are you telling me government health regulations require? Factory. That's my point the government is so far behind. Fax machines are hip compliant and the medical industry still uses them also CCD DVD readers writers on computers were eliminated due to cost cutting. I still make physical DVD to as part of my computer back of habits. What's wrong with the cloud? Well, this is this is this good information. I I mean, this is where I've started a fight. Gesture gesture says gesture chess says laptop version of Blu Ray that can play DVD's and CDs difference is size of space. This can hold between three and five between three four minutes. Not quite sure. By follow. All that. Ricki says when you're forced to buy a product. You don't want is socialist. I don't know about that. Ricki says, yes, like death panels. Forced by the government is socialism feel free to enjoy your servitude. We in America prefer our freedom. Okay. So somebody's having a fight on my on my feed. What else have we got here? Can I ask you about FOX? My home for. Most of the last attend eleven years. And there's this hot air talking about all the pundits. As a photo of Bret. Baier shaking Bernie Sanders hands at the big Bernie town hall. So that went so well and the audience for FOX FOX usually is the winner against MSNBC and CNN, but this was even bigger winter. They really crushed the competition with this Bernie down hall. So I don't know if all of you, FOX watchers. I mean, you're not all Republicans. You're not all conservatives. I hear from people all the time. And I have for all the time. I worked at FOX from from people that said, you know, I'm a democrat or I'm a liberal, but I watch FOX, and they don't want to admit it. They don't want to tell anybody. But it shows up in the numbers the audiences for FOX shows are always ahead of have been for years ahead of MSNBC CNN CNN still having troubles MSNBC has done much much better than they used to do. And Rachel Maddow is kind of the leader of the pack there. She gets a huge audience every night. So this story is Allah pundits reporting that Donald Trump is telling aides keep an eye on Fox News. And why did he need his aid to keep an eye on it? All the pundits judging from his Twitter feed, he watches it somewhere around fourteen hours a day. So if he wants to know what's going on behind the scenes at FNC, he's he should he has people there that he talks to on a regular basis. So if he's suspicious of disloyalty, this is this whole loyalty thing, he wants FOX to be loyal apparently. And he was very upset when he found out what Chris Wallace had said yesterday about the fact that he thought that Bill bar was acting like the president's lawyer rather than the attorney general so Donald J Trump tweet. Many Trump fans and signs were outside. The Fox News studio last night in the now, thriving. Thank you, President Trump Bethlehem Pennsylvania for the interview with crazy Bernie beg complaints about not being let in stuff with Bernie supporters. What's with Fox News? So what's he up to ease? He keeps nudging his supporters to complain about FOX. But he hasn't directly threatened the network yet. Sometimes he'll grouse about Schapper one of the other day time anchors. Sometimes he'll go to bat for, you know, judge Janine or somebody like that. But he hasn't deployed, according to Allah, pundit, he hasn't deployed nuclear weapon encouraging fans to boycott the network and tell it turns even crummier in its sensibilities. So we're this come from President Trump's criticism of Fox News is a clear and present danger for the network. Said Andy hemming, former rapid response director for the Trump White House. The president knows at Fox News viewers are far more loyal to him than the network, meaning he can push those supporters to more overtly friendly audiences like one America news network or Newsmax were just a couple of tweets and some extra access. It also goes without saying that the financial implications for these networks are mess. So. I don't know. I know I know for a fact talking with some of the top dogs in programming. That they count their blessings every day at FOX about the loyalty that the audience gives them that audience. People who watch FOX are loyal loyal loyal. But this guy says, yeah. Well. The people that follow President Trump are more loyal to him. So are we are we going to have a battle of loyalty? Are we going to have? And if there was a battle. What would you do? So this article talks about the fact that. Fox viewers are set in their viewing habits, mostly true of any whatever you're watching FOX MSNBC doesn't matter. You're pretty loyal in your view takes a lot to move an audience off of one show to another very difficult. This may be the box viewers association their viewing habits, they actually would not turn the channel even for an alternative like one America. News network. So I've heard about this network one America news network. I even checked this morning before leaving the house, and I've got the super duper extra platinum cable. Subscription, which means I've got every channel known to man I thought and I looked I searched and I don't have one America news network. Not on my cable. And I'm in a pretty big market where a lot of people are on this cable system. I also don't have Newsmax. Think they're on dish. I know some of the people Newsmax very well. But I don't have them. I don't have either one of these. So I don't even know if President Trump came out and said you people need to switch over to one America news network or. Newsmax. I for one would not be able to even if I wanted to. So I don't know what this what's going on here because I thought. Ever since Roger Ailes. Laughed and then died. The company has made a big shift to support Donald Trump in a much bigger way than Roger I'm thinking would have wanted or would have allowed. So that's where they are. They've taken that position. They do very well they win. But if the president said to you we need you to stop watching FOX, what would you do? This is all speculation. But it's all pundits been keeps a good eye on all this stuff. And the president has tweeted out how unhappy he was about. How red bear was all smiley and friendly with Bernie Sanders. Well, I got news for you. Fox did. So well with the Bernie Sanders townhall that they have already apparently entered into an agreement with Amy klobuchar for another townhall sometime in I believe it's late may they haven't released the date, but it's late may and they're talking they're in talks with Pete Buddha. Judge mayor Pete about doing a town hall. So do you think this is the audience was huge for Bernie, if you were programming FOX, would you do these democrat town halls? Or do you think this is going to hurt them? And you think the president is gonna turn on him? Phone number here is eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred. What do you make of this loyalty tests? We'll be right back. Enjoyed your discussion. You seem to be very very appreciated..

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