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Beer, Dave here by the end of the end of the half hour. Look working, Doug before we get to news yet, Doug gonna sell what's up? Yeah, this, uh, bit right into the whole theme of violence that we've been talking or discussing here, but, Yeah, when I was, uh I guess I was 10 years old. It was After the Pittsburgh Steelers had won the second National or Super Bowl, her second Super Bowl there in a row. I was with my dad that we were going to Game at Riverfront Stadium. We're walking into the stadium. We're right down there right in the Fort Washington Way area, But and I'm standing there with my dad on every corner. There's a fight before. Before the gang going into the stadium and that there said That's my kind of escape. That's what I want. Good times. It told me to play football the rest of my life. Another boy, All right, Doug. I appreciate that one. Randy freaking called back. And where were you? Hey, Mike Out, just kind of listening. And I heard you talking about Pete breaking the record and he tied up in Chicago. Well, I want the Chicago with my brother that weekend to see him. Is in case he broke the record. And as you might remember. He didn't break the record up in Chicago, and on Sunday he wasn't supposed to play Tony Perez. They were platooning back in those days. And so we were thinking, OK, we've been going go to gain that Sunday. And all of a sudden back today we'll listen to the radio right? And the radio guy says, Well, a the picture who was going to pitch for the tubs that day was a lefty. So Perez was starting You have injured in a bike accident. Riding his bike, the Wrigley Field. It's a in certainly I guess a right hander. And all of sudden, Pete was in the lineup. So that's why you had tickets, so you had to scramble to get tickets. It was no problem getting tickets because nobody I think we scrambled and got a ticket. But nobody was. I tell everybody. There were probably 15,000 people in that ballpark at the beginning of the game. And his word traveled. That he was called, was potentially gonna break the record. It was started by, like fourth or separating. It was unbelievable. Then there was a rainbow labor. Ready. I love it. But I'm late for a news. I got to go because Jack Crumley is a big sucker. It'll just whale on you. All right. Have a good weekend. Thanks and see a news time. News, traffic and weather. Use radio 700. W L jealousy Cincinnati The guy who put his feet up on Pelosi's desk under arrest. This is the 2 30 report. I'm Matt Reese breaking now. It's one of the more iconic photos from the assault on the U. S Capital on Wednesday, Guys sitting at the House speaker's desk during the time Congress was overrun. Now he is facing federal charges. Richard Barnett was arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas on a number of federal charges, among them disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. Barnett was the one scene with this muddy boots propped up on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is desk is he posed for pictures? He was also charged with stealing mail. Other arrests have been made around the country as well, including one man who possessed 11. Molotov cocktails Davey sees here in Qatar Ski House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she and the Joint Chiefs chairman Mark Milley, have talked about keeping President Trump from initiating a nuclear attack. They discuss quote available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing launch codes. And ordering a nuclear strike. She made no mention of how Milly reacted to her concerns. By the way, the president saying on Twitter earlier today, he's not going to go. To his successor, Joe Biden's inauguration. Not clear yet whether the vice president Mike Pence, will attend, either now the latest traffic.

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