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We're back to Tom Moore. Show it for 10922668 hours. We're gonna talking about Trump and Liz Cheney. So let's go to Barbara in Baltimore. Barbara, Welcome to the show. Thank you for taking my call. And you know, it really is. Almost amusing to listen to the previous callers with Mitch mentioned Christian's conservatives being Christian. And the positions that we take. Where is the Democrats are killing baby and I'm a black woman and conservative. I'm used to all the name calling and all of that, but that's all that is rolls off my back. Like a death. But, um killing baby and saying praise the Lord Hallelujah! Well, there's a conflict in my opinion, but that's just one thing. But as far as Trump List. Cheney Beam, a big supporter of Trump. This. Cheyney was never so Let's get the facts straight. Let's not just no, no whitewash the list. Chaney was never a big Trump's Abso. That's Barb Barbara. You know that's not correct. They got the with Nancy Pelosi. Giving accolade. To live Cheney after the way the Democrats treated Dick Cheney and George Bush never. George Bush was supposed to be the biggest Dumbest president in history. All right. Let's not confuse the establishment. People who are making a lot of money. What? What is real conservatives and right now, and it's far as Marxism and Hitler. All right, let me let me respond. It's a speech last thing that is being Trampled on and that's what Hitler does, and that's not what conservatives are about Barbara. I agree. That's not Barbara. I agree with that. Only listen to your show once. Every two or three years because it's just that bad tonight. I just had to let you know what I feel. All right, just a couple of responses to you in a few years, all right, But we'll do that. But I know what I'm saying is fact What you're talking about is a bunch of gibberish with these Democrats who have no idea about what freedom what it takes for freedom and what it's gonna take for us to maintain the liberty, and that's where conservative We are headed. But all of that. What about Trump? It's about liberty and freedom. Well, you know, I agree with its liberty and freedom. But fact couple of facts with Barbara number one According to the Wall Street Journal, which, by the way is a very conservative that no one's gonna call that a liberal rag. But the Wall Street Journal in yesterday's editorial or or op Ed column in The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Liz Cheney the sit her votes During the last two years were aligned with Trump 99th. It was 99% of the time or 98.7%. She basically and they all the things that Trump's approach proposed. She supported every single virtually every single one of them. Through in every policy decision she made was aligned with Donald Trump's policies. Every single one virtually everything. All one So that's when I said that she's it was a trump supporter in that sense, and the woman who's coming in again using that same metric, which is is the metric that you use for for any can. Any congressman senator is how do they align with What party? They're it and the person is coming in this woman she when she came in, she was very much of a moderate Republican. Very moderate and again voted was 40 along with Trump on Lee 77% of the time. And yet, if you recall the first impeachment trial, she was one very very vocal supporter of Trump. So she really came. A lot came around to be consistent with Trump and And, of course, then with also with, uh Kevin McCarthy and in the Senate would be Mitch McConnell. So very definitely she is a trump, or she's not a cook Ultimate conservative. Anyway. That's so that's a little bit different situation. And as for true conservatives, I I respect true conservative, but I don't respect the the, uh Trump types. Anyway, We got to take a break and we're gonna come back cause we got Willie coming on here the moment so we'll be back in a minute. A time or show they will have really waffle. Convoy was hit. It was bad After I came home. I.

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