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Media. Ryan, I watched bird box not your recommendation. I already know what you think of it. Yeah. Yeah. Because I had to tweet about it. What dumb fucking movie not thought? It was just fine. It was okay. It was far too long. But it was fine. It was well done. It was nice the length did not bother me the pacing. Did not bother me. The ending bothered me. All right. Is there wasn't one? No there wasn't. No, no. It was somebody posted. When I when I posted my tweet, they're like it's happening all over again. God. Yeah. That's actually kind of true in a weird way. Yep. So to cleanse my palate, I had to watch an actual good movie again. And I noticed the dark. Knight was on Netflix. So I sat back or myself a glass of wine and watch that soup-to-nuts again in man that has a picture perfect movie from start to finish. It is a good one. Isn't it? Oh, man. Go back and watch it again, if you haven't seen it in a while. He's ledger is just so God damn good in it such a waste and speaking of net flicks. And the fact that everybody has to sue over everything who did not see this coming. The choose your own adventure publisher is suing that flicks over banner snatch. Yeah. Choose co LLC the company known for publishing the chew on adventure book series popular in the eighties. Nineties is claiming Netflix infringed upon its trademarks, according to variety metrics did attempt to attain a license trademark in the past. Meaning there. Lawyers kind of went we may be treading on some weird ground air. If we try to do this technology and never reached a deal with publisher. So, you know in triple fashion, we can't do it legally. We're gonna do it anyways. And now, they'll get sued and probably give them a couple of hundred thousand dollars a day or other couple million dollars. I'm probably a couple of million. Yeah. Yeah. But if they wouldn't give them a license they had you know, they had to Bert it. They had the loss. They had the scooter it and just with Uber. It they won't let us do it. We're going to do it. Anyway. Damn it. They should have just Monday company. Anymore? Also back over on Netflix. I watched a show called insta- famous. These are like eight minutes snippets of influencers on net. Flicks. I mean on Instagram. Yes, Mula you sent me. A you sent me a note saying if I watch it remove any sharp objects from the room. So I decided just won't watch it you should watch one or two of them. They're they're infuriating infuriating. Like, what is the point? What is the point of this? I don't know it how did it get on Netflix? I mean you and I could have done something better with two weeks in a couple of cameras. It is terrible ten content. It is content. They need the content and speaking of content you're ever that show. Follow this Brian from BuzzFeed over on Netflix via gli. Yeah. They're on season three now, which I can't believe as season one was like two weeks ago. They've got an episode called scooter wars, and you should check it out because it's all in your neighborhood. And they rate they send out they. Send out a reporter and he wears his helmet, and he screens around, but he's scooting around on the boardwalk, which is I think pretty much where you shouldn't be writing them. Nope. And it's it's an interesting take on it. He's kind of a wishy-washy reporter. He doesn't really take a side, which I guess, you know, as a reporter. You're not really supposed to do. You're not supposed to that's the way journalism used to work you store. Yeah. And he tried to get an interview with vendors ender and got in touch with some of their their legal people and talk to a lot of people locally in the neighborhood. And there's one surfer, dude..

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