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Relationship with Russia continues to cause concern. And right now, we're getting insight from the man who was the real reason behind the infamous Trump Tower meeting and has spent the last decade of his life trying to avoid getting killed by Vladimir Putin. Please welcome the head of global Magnitsky Justice campaign, my friend, Bill Browder high. You don't own your story. You were a fierce partner in fighting corruption with my father, you were the head of the largest foreign investor in Russia, and you were giving you a vocal supporter of Putin at the time. And then everything changed can you explain to the audience why you are bladder Putin's number one enemy. What happened was? I went out to Russia sort an investment fund. I discovered that everything was corrupt out there. I wanted to stop the corruption of the companies I invested in I expose it. And guess what I exposed Putin and all of his guys and they didn't take too kindly to that. They expelled me from the country. They raided my offices. They seized all of our documents. And then they arrested tortured and murdered. My lawyer Sergei madness game. Which is how we got the Sergei Magnitsky though that I got from my father. I, you know, I think he understanding is that the Russia and Putin was basically using the United States as a slush fund, correct? Well, basically what? So what Putin does is? He does terrible financial crimes like the one that that Magnitsky exposed. He he does. And he doesn't all over the place, and he's got all his guys doing it. And it's a whole corrupt system. They take all this money, and they don't want to keep it in Russia because as easy as they stole it, it could be stolen from them. And so they put it in US banks and in London banks and in Swiss banks, and one of the things that Putin is scared. Most of all is having that money taken away it you'd probably when you hate sends the checks, so he sends all this money. All these guys send the money tonight's as they put it in real estate here if they put it in real estate, they put it in Bank accounts. They put an hedge fund and somebody has to launder that money right because it's really not taxed so there's a the the worst thing is that there's a whole industry of people with nice, suits and good accents. And well, educated schools everything. That launder the money and take the money, and and and give them a, wink and say, don't worry Blad. Your money is going to be safe with us. It was your name that was brought up in the infamous Trump Tower meeting. It was also your name that was brought up in Helsinki at that press conference. Putin is obsessed with you. I mean, he brings up your name every chance he gets. And then President Trump even called the idea of giving you over to the Russians he called it an incredible offer. Isn't that Helsinki press conference? What's going through your mind when you heard the United States say that it was incredible offer to give you up to the Russians. Well, so I'm sitting there and Vladimir Putin has been going after me for ten years. I they they made death threats kidnapping threats. They tried to arrest me through INTERPOL. They've done all this stuff. And I'm sitting there, and I was in the United States at the time that that that that the Helsinki summit was going on. And I thought to myself this guy is about President Trump is either very stupid not having been been briefed about my story. Because my my story is is all over the place. Or there's something something wrong in his head. Because to hand me over to the Russians is about the worst thing scared that that could have happened. Well, you know, I think that he says a lot of really dumb stuff, but but but the system in America still works, and I didn't think that the department of Justice or the US courts would have handed me over to the Russians. But but the fact that he said that was was was pretty unnerving..

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