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It's going to be dangerous cold for the next few days at the very least a leash attained the dome was director Chicago's office emergency management. She has just joined the Pritzker administration. Now, she's director of homeland security and emergency management for the state of Illinois. And I know she's very nice. Soy welcome Alicia. Thank you for your time. But we know how bad it is going to be the meteorologists of taking care of that for those of us who travel in and out of the cities or any place in the state or staying in the city. Let's first talk about what we should have in our car to cells. I always tell my nephew over here. I expect the best but prepare for the worst gonna give us Dettori on what you like to see people carry in their car. Well, thanks. Yeah. That's a that's a great question. I don't know about you. There have been times where I've gone out in the wintertime and a warm car and had on a pair of shorts. This is not one of those times. You wanna make sure that you're wearing multiple layers of clothing, while you're there, make sure you have jumper cables, sand a full tank of gas of flashlight and bottled water there is no telling these types of temperatures, you can lose your battery, and we want to make sure that if you should unfortunately become stranded, you have the resources available to you. If you don't have the resources available to you. And I'm talking about people in homes that may lose power. What does the website they can go to to find out where the nearest warming station is or how they can call in help. But we'd like you to do a couple of different things. Go to ready dot. Illinois dot g-o-v. And that will tell you where all the shelters and worrying centers are for the entire state and some chance you look on that website, and you can't find one close to you. We simply ask that you call your county emergency management or law enforcement, and they'll be able to direct you to the closest one. I know that I heard from the mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel, you know, him well, obviously that they put out buses to try to urge the homeless to leave, you know, lower Michigan lower Wacker wherever and actually get on these buses for the next few days. That's one of the techniques that the city of Chicago uses is warming buses to allow folks to get in warm up. And then if they need to be taken to another location. They can we remember the summer of what was it so horrific ninety five and I remember before that when I got the town in eighty eight. I mean, we had a lot of lot of fatalities because the extreme heat. But I would think that this statistically is far worse. This is this is bitter cold. This is not a joke. If there is every time to be prepared and to think ahead before you actually go outside. Now, it's time to do it. We're talking about breaking records. To January fifth nineteen ninety nine. And then we saw NBA temperatures in the minus thirty six now, we're looking at minus fifty do you have to work in that terrible state of Illinois building the Thompson center is that where your new offices? I I actually have two different locations the Thompson center, but I spend the majority my time down in Springfield at the headquarters for waiver management. I had a person. Her office was in the Thompson center, and it would rain in the. It would rain in the summer inside. And then she would have icicles in her office in the winter. Well, I I don't think that's the case for me. Good luck. Good luck with the new administration. Thank you for your time. Alicia much. Appreciate it. You too. That's a leash. Attained does she's the our homeland security director and emergency manager for the state of Illinois. Here's the mayor. This is going to be ground zero right here at all EMC in that coordinated.

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