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Got a tip. That Anthony DeSclafani was tipping his pitches, not cow, tipping his pitches, according to the cowboy, But they got the tip too late. Why do you tip your pitches to the other team like here and here comes a fastball hit it, And they did. Well, I don't know. Invited by the way, was fidgeting with his glove before threw a pitch. That's true. Or it could be about a twitch. You know, he might have had, like a little twitch with remember something or he might have been whistling or something. Who knows Game two of the least you could have a garbage can Game two of the serious Tonight Chad Cool up against Sonny Gray 700 W. But he's coverage 6 10 with the Arno carriers in sight. Pitching to Kelsey Chevrolet extra inning show after the game. Red second baseman Mike Moustakas did some field drills yesterday. If things progress, he could return from that quad injury on Sunday. Bangles Update Bengal Start training camp workout in earnest on Monday, I thought they were at Paul Brown Stadium. That's what they're doing, okay. I mean, the hitting starts in earnest that there really there in earnest, like the other establishes, like shorts, insurance. You know how that is Earnest Kentucky and that's how you did the broadcast and shirts and shorts, shirts and shorts. Yeah, right. Chiefs tight end and former, You see Barrett had Travis Kelsey. Gets a new four year contract extension with the Super Bowl champs. Four year deal. $57 million. 28 million of that is guaranteed. I say you know what they say The baseball stadium ever Travis Kelsey AT U. C. He could buy the campus but named the baseball stadium ever. Why not? Okay, 700 wlw is the aviation report with Jay Ratliff.

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