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Has our exclusive five day forecast coming from a missing persons case to murder this is Chris camp live at Landis police chief Erika shields calls at heart breaking here we are a week to the day after Clark Atlanta student Alexis Crawford went missing and her body is found in it a cab county park and there is an apparent connection to a police report Crawford filed days before she went missing in this report Alexis described unwanted kissing and touching from bear Brantley Aaron who is the boyfriend of Jordan Jones Jordan Jones who is a Lexus's roommate and friend tonight Brantley and Jones are being charged with Crawford's murder press in depth coverage of twenty twenty on ninety five point five W. S. today's high level visit president trump picks Atlanta to launch an effort at attracting black voters and campaign twenty twenty president Donald Trump told the several hundred attending the black voices for truck rally it's time for black voters to switch from the Democratic Party which is let them down it's amazing that you've states along with me on this it almost becomes a habit right it's a habit like it's all we vote for Democrats nobody knows why they vote for Democrats look if they don't do the job you switch Arlene Charles from Jonesborough tells me he has for a vote I hope others will take to scale back their eyes and see what he's doing not only just for the kids but for the African American community from the Georgia World Congress center cedar perish ninety five point five W. by stand of course were ever any president goes protests soon followed reminded was standing in line at the black voices event when he says he was spotted by a GOP staffer and asked to leave before any type of destruction and knowing the they know what was going on in their heads so they don't want that I want to look like there's a large and not a lot of support from which now need to Carson his pro testing because she says he demonized as just about everybody you name it.

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