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Dangerous. How is he not in the best. Twenty six hurt okay. So obviously gregg berhalter does not see him as a nine sees him as a wide player. Matthew hoppy is also in this limbo situation with this club. So this doesn't surprise me you you gotta let them sort that out and you can't just sign go somewhere and say hey by the way. I'm leaving if you're not an established player right now bundesliga too. I don't mind this look at the players who are in front of me. What do we have in front of matthew. Hoppy you're going to have christian pulisic gio raina. You're going to have who else do you have. Brendan errands and who's been absolutely on fire timmy. Way he had a great gold cup but versus gold cup opponents. These other players have been noonan at a higher level so with this club situation. I think it lends himself for. Maybe it's between him. And conrad. And if conrad establishing that clubs situation. Maybe greg hold a conversation with them. Fix your club situation. We'll go from there. Look you want to sing. George bellows praises. How does he get the call up. He doesn't surprise raise and doesn't get it on gold cup performance but you asked me. I said yeah that surprised me okay. What about george. Bello is surprise. Because he's there. Because of the position. Because i think what's really interesting. Is you basically look at him desk. You got two or three outside backs. Everybody else that they brought in on defense. And he brought ten defenders. He's got seven players who are all centrebacks or potentially centrebacks in back three does that tell us what formation wealthy formation. He's look he's looking at probably working at it three centreback formation and players who could potentially be part of that i was also surprised at james sands is on this list. Not the james sands is a bad player. But i didn't think he had a great gold cup. Wants the competition got stiffer. I thought he struggled even the all star game yesterday. You saw there's still some things in his game sometimes. Where maybe. He's a little over competent. Maybe he's not as great a defender as you think he's very good. Pass another back. Sometimes that that'll get you in trouble. I was surprised that maybe a chris richards for example wasn't on this list. Chris richards i. I know it's a club situation.

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