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Financials kinda comatose you look at the exile left one two three four five weeks sitting onto the fifty day but above the two hundred day they were definitely stronger earlier today till the market got kicked in the teeth but the how's that so we remain in the soup okay we remain in the soup and the soup can last the while you do know that right you do know that the snp kinda sorta topped out in december fourteenth in really didn't break out till november of sixteen right with a couple of ugly drops in between in september fifteen and firstquarter sixteen you do these things could happen i'm not saying we're going to get the same thing eighteen to twenty four months of nothing this question remember we had a strong move from the an out of that sometimes you get get long consolidations and it's a pain in the rear so for that's what we're still in my thoughts have not changed ping pong but underneath the ping pong we will find view all the areas and man they were less than style with the last couple of days that said massive amount of earnings to come out in the next two three weeks and we'll get a little bit more detail to take the negative side of just giving the earth if at any time we break the two hundred day moving average when we're not close right now well three percent two percent three percent and after that break the lows that we saw in february and early april i am telling you under no uncertain terms i think hell will break loose i say that because we have not had a darn good one in a long time and i'm pretty sure that'll be how do i explain it best that would be the institutional crowd the big money crowd the hedge funds the mutual funds the funds of funds and all that crap that'll be them giving way which will lead to believe intense selling now i am not saying it's going to happen but i just have to put it out there based on the fact that we're way overdue and everybody keeps telling me about the twenty percent growth but we're not there and we held pretty good so far but the last couple of days and look yesterday i thought something was up with those semis then we come in.

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