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Trump is no longer president I'd states so that's a big story that that Hey you know I I just read headlines bite and the other big story that I think affects more people than the impeachment of Donald Trump. it's finally. is gonna be some self serve action at cosco. this is a big breakthrough alive everybody else got into the self serve business when you trying to get the hell out of there you know I take all your items in China yeah self serv checkouts. so it's gonna be a cosco's Gimme a much cooler place to hang at issue is I you we get more those lanes open because look you go in there and you have a cart full of crap two three sometimes four five hundred dollars were the stuff. you gotta wait twenty minutes right for god to go through your your your your items and then they've got a weird boxing thing going on where you know sometimes you get an old box you know pineapple box but all your crap in sometimes you don't but there's a weird thing a cosco there's no self serve check out up until now and there's no real bags no you know I've never seen a bag of Tosca you gotta have bags everybody else says bags I don't you know I didn't get the boxes anymore I can say they got thrown away when you gonna go throw one it takes awhile for them to figure all of the Tetris and just put it back in the car the way I had it right plus when you in those big boxes there really thick cardboard she of the cut with a knife for an exacto knife for it you know some kind of blade or you put if you leave in the garage thinking okay next time I go to Costco on right to take these back or do you ever do this for you you'd take them and just leave them in the cart in the cosco parking yes. they're they're all they are just to get them to my band my favorite cosco parking lot story is this dope Erin Bender who thought he was the king of all as where he could use his and now mother in law mother in law is yep handicaps. it's true used it a few times never got anything in the next thing you know now this by the way was months after we did a story on them doing that cracked down on disabled placard users at Coachella and I'm like well of course they're going to get the young kids are not going to get me. kids wait in the car you gonna go sinusitis. and that's that's about seven or eight hundred Bucks because they first ticket for illegally use use of the placard and then they take it away and they say you're not allowed to be parked there so it's really it's to take it. seven eight hundred by. plus all the crappy but because go I'll yeah there's all that too no we didn't go in yeah we right really right when we pulled in there wasn't even a chance it's not like I pulled in and I saw them ticketing somebody else and like either not gonna get me wow yeah they just they scoop dried up and you know it when it when it when they got to the gotcha and I said thank you for being nice most people aren't that to you yeah well that's cool yeah concerns are you can imagine yeah people go crazy what it what what's cosco was it is the way it was one in Northridge okay yeah the one right by the railroad tracks yeah that's a tough one if you were out in Valencia I'm not Valencia Yavlinsky yet yeah one off via princess and that's the right one that's a great beautiful cost yeah that was right on top of the hill there many entrances so many it's great. I love it all right let's find out what's going on in our favorite join one of our favorite joints cosco here we go posco adding more self serve checkout aisles and stores across on the California the latest store to have them is in Tustin the company says about a hundred of its stores have self check out now and it plans to increase that number two two hundred and fifty over the next several months it is a turnabout for the warehouse store chain as the company did away with self checkout lines back in twenty thirteen I don't remember self checkout a house member any of it maybe was a test run in a couple of places but I don't remember ever seeing it yeah I have to read I I I eggs series that remember that at all all right we do have by there was big news there there was sort of a sort of a crazy fake impeachment thing going on here because the only way you really impeach hi or starting impeachment inquiry is to have a vote on the house floor and they didn't do that Nancy Pelosi just said Hey which time we're going to end in peach a Donald Trump and she's been sort of angry since Donald Trump became president now we don't do a lot of politics here because look nothing I say is going to change your mind politically and nothing you say is going to change my mind politically so it's really you know night if you're you're entrenched in your Campanha can change your mind very few people change political parties over the years but when people do change political parties they become like ex smokers you know the worst person to be around at a party is an ex smoker right because they feel like they can give it and handed out to everybody you know if if when you're when you're smoking a cigarette and and you run into somebody who used to smoke ma'am they pissed at you wolf I get all crazy and and and not be with you and smoking is the last leg group you can discriminate against wave and people applaud you you know I remember when they the Great Western forum you should be able to smoke a. cigarette watch a kings game at the same time nine pretty cool combo and then they made an announcement one day the Great Western forum is now a smoke free facility and people applaud the sign I mean they're applauding the announcement you know people standing you know robin there right beside nipples and and and I and applauding those kinds of excitement all man they got themselves crazy over it right how long by the way did it take for the old smoke to finally leave the building because if you were sitting in the rafters of the phone you couldn't see the court no you see the ice there was a right you're right above the prom and nods circle hi do is round row five or six up there there was a a cloud a level where the cloud used to sit and it was pretty cool our channel four let's turn the audio up here they're still investigating this accident this car jacking took place and the cats steak area southbound on the five this is a carjacking vehicle and if we rolls of the tape from her over that someone is active this is an incredibly reckless and dangerous pursuit ms van you see on the left on the left side of your screen was doing about a hundred miles an hour on the five and that's what it lost that tire you see on the right there that's what CC deport that's my trip. tire out they were dragging the ran the whole time to try to make some of those turns you see that turn right there they did not make that turn and then we thought. about old town road I wrote you see right. on the old town road to that wall that's when the suspect gave it up came out with.

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