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Think hurricane trying to really really push this kind of thing. We've seen hurricanes tantrum good on one interview and seeing years type to move. I just nine. He's walton night is also listen. I hang leases craig to come into a ton from we saved regularly some you want okay. So we got. The three strike is being linked to move shows. Go danski you've got harry k. We've linked to shut up and we've got erling haaland as well do delays. Of course abramovich apparently is going to big on harlan out of the three. Is it most likely that holland would make the move. I don't think so. I mean we've seen before we know that jersey club. Whether does peter shake runoffs kyle. I've spoken to mineral onto alfie haaland and we know that the interests concrete that chelsea are really keen on only harland. The thing is in the year time we've experimental dumped on the show. There's this released close for seventy five million euros. That will kick off both the dominance saying until next year. He's staying with us. We don't care about how he's not going anywhere right now if you and if you have hundred and fifty million ten them go and put them on your table and see what they do. There might reject it holland. My pressure pressure to go to to leave and come to check to see or maybe you might get the players. And why would you wait if you want him now and if you can get him now why would you wait next season where okay you can get him for half the price but then you know that many other clubs will be up to him and he'd be harder for you to get him so if you you really have the money you've already starting talking to scan. Go for it and mega big big offer on the table and see. What do you talk about deal. This has to be done craig. He liked those tough well. That's what we're gonna do now. Donna room is a s g player. The player of euro twenty.

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