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In a parking lot just outside, of course field as part of the U. C health drive thru event that is planned for next weekend. They did the early vaccination on Sunday. To see you know how things would work out of work at any issues that the that they might have, But they're they're planning on vaccinating this many as 10,000 people this coming weekend at the drive thru site, and that'll be over the course of two days. By the way, in case you're thinking about just sort of Bogart on down there and jumping in line. The vaccine is giving up on Lee to people with appointments. And anybody else who shows up we'll be turned away. So you gotta have an appointment and you got to be over the age of 70. Yeah, There's a new hotline to call to get registered and set up and it's Kovacs co or the last digits. I'll look up the rest. I believe it's 1877 Kovacs, co CEO of a ex CEO, but evidently this past Sunday went pretty good. Yeah, there were like a whole bunch of tents, right? I mean, like 17, or 18 tense. I think they tried it with 500. I think on Sunday present 1000 0. They did end up doing 1000. It's amazing. Yep. And after the first hour you see health added some additional directions for drivers. And then they listed another flag waver to point people in the right direction. So after the patients were vaccinated, they're required to wait in another parking lot for about 15 minutes, just to make sure that their body is He's going to tolerate the vaccination. Some signs they're told drivers to honk their horns. Put on their Flashers that they began to feel sick. And they had. What would you got roving people, their medical people that would go assist you. You know what's interesting is that I know that my parents didn't have any issues with it, and they felt fine. But I have people who are In the health care who are my age who got really sick from who felt like they had the flu from it for a couple days and then put in there, then their final, right But they did get a fever. And they did end up having a really sore arm. And like they felt really nauseous. I could deal too sore arm. I mean, Eventually or choose to get sore arms. Not a big deal. You just don't want to get really, really sick. Yeah, so I mean, all of them survived, but it would they. Some of them did say they felt like they had the flu. Other covert stories. Some scientists are saying that dogs and cats may have to be vaccinated as well. To help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Hopefully, dogs and cats are last on the list. I got stopped kissing my dog, I think, yeah, I mean, I mean, really seriously because every single night I will. It's just sort of a ritual. With the pop You know, you put put both them in their little cages and say Good night brother heads and then the pup got to make sure the Sadie's doing good, so I literally stick my whole head and shoulders into the cage. Mm. And I like rubber head. Then I give her words of encouragement. Right? And there's the same. You're going to grow up to be alliance protects your house. And protect your humans. Every single Manhattanites. Yes. Oh, but I need to be careful with that. Because I guess they can. They can pass it right currently. Yeah, and if they have to get vaccines for dogs and cats How many billions of vaccines will that be? Well, at that point, all the humans help believe been vaccinated in there the end of it. I don't know. I think they're in the phase ahead of Grant giving dogs and cats vaccines grand. I think you're gonna be after the dogs and cats and after the hamsters, millennial and then the millennials, we might just want to start calling you Grant get a little higher on the list and see it's gonna be mid to late summer for healthy young adults. You know what? I'd be curious to know how many millennials don't want it, though. Yeah, there are think probably half of them if I had to guess. Probably wouldn't get one. Yeah, so why? Because they think they're Way all not were in our twenties that we all know. Think that we We live forever. Yes. Yeah, you do, but I think they also the way you know my niece and my nephew. Are are they considered millennials there? No, They're the one under that, right? Yeah, They're like 2018. Jonesy, Jonesy. Probably they a lot of their friends and they're not getting them. They're not worried about getting it. You do think you're invincible at that age. Um People don't like needles. You know, there's all of that going on. Maybe they don't believe in vaccines. I don't know. Maybe they don't even know what the hell of vaccine is. But they've been given vaccines because yes, they were little. Yeah, You're little. You just don't know, right? Yeah. I don't know. He said in the springs joins us 11 20 on this Tuesday morning. Good morning, Cheesehead. Good morning, boys. Um Gotta ask your professional opinion. What in the H E double hockey sticks is not what we were taken. You got two minutes on the clock. I know I'll get the ball to the most dangerous quarterback in the history of the game. What What went through that man's mind to not go for it. It's called Analytics. I agree. I would have have certainly let Rogers have a shot at fourth and eight, even though, was that the eight What is called analytics and my guess is the very brief conversation took place and whomever is the analytics guy said to Matt Leflore numbers say, Kick it, and I think maybe it could have been that concise. But it analytics does not take into consideration the gut feeling of the coach. Um, it's it's purely a mathematical equation. And to me at that point, you're you're better off no matter what the numbers say letting Rogers have a chance to do even if they don't get it. I said this yesterday, even if you don't get it. You've got Tampa Bay on the eight yard line. You still have the two minute warning. You have all three time outs. And yes, you do. Then have toe stop him and go down to score and then have a two point conversion. I get that, but I just I said it at the time I would have let him go for it. Life. And real quick. Come on the Corona. Virus. This is my my personal opinion on it. You never remember Jason. How he'd be stalking the debutante. She would be running faster and faster, and he would just on Lee be walking, and then she would get into the safe house and he'd be behind the door. Yes, that's the correct wires. It's Friday the 13th, right. Okay, thank you, chief said. Not like the Geico commercial, Jason Friday 13. Yeah. Is that the commercial to where the kids are running behind the Chainsaws from the killer, and he's like shaking his head going. Why would we go to the car with the keys in it? Yeah. I love that commercial to great commercial, too. National Geographic was the source for The story about covert 19 will likely be with us forever, Hmm. And then here's how we'll live with it. They said it will probably morph into a much milder illness like a comic cold. But it's going to be right. It's not going away. It's going to be around. Well, there's been versions of it already around, right? Oh, yeah. Thank you See on the lice all before even Covert 19 are Corona vices, or you would see that it's Lysol cannon, the wipes. Don't you wonder now? Seriously because you know that At least I think it's safe to assume that there will be other viruses may be even worse than Cove in 19. I wonder how we're going to be prepared to prevent something like what we just experienced not only globally but more specifically in this country. And we we entrust to our politicians and doctors. On goes involved, too. Stay abreast of all that. Stay ahead of it. I mean, we don't We entrust that they do, but I mean, after this last go around, I just I've thought more than a couple of times like okay, like what's next year, the year after whatever. What's coming down the pipe. The pike here in Can we trust that the people that we Thought we could trust. They're going to be able to mitigate something like that A hell of a lot better than what they did This time. Don't shows you how vulnerable we are. And just how fragile life is. We're just just on this the balance of life. Is so fragile. You see what happened this year? And I agree with you, Dave something probably bigger. Will come. Eventually we'll hit humanity here, Maybe not in our lifetime, but it's coming. I sure hope we handle it a hell of a lot better than we did this time..

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