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Used to employ thousands but now just a hundred thirty people work there full time the shipyard is asking the courts to appoint an administrator let's take a look at your commute this morning on the one oh five in the Norwalk area one oh five you spell before you get to the six so five five several boxes of produce have been lost there in the left lane so phone you don't run around bellflower Boulevard in fact if you have your eyes on that give you call the Ralph save you time traffic line eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three find this guy's sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyers dot com Jeff Bock there is a problem the five yeah a couple of issues here south five come into these telling our change just a little bit south of for that before the interchange itself there was a style for the second line from love there forever and finally a CHP officer got through the back up together they just pushed off the wall lines are open if you're leaving Burbank right now it's kind of the normal morning drive going down baby that slow all the way towards the one ten little phone it should be from the ones at the satellite police all eyes open and great news out for a long play problem eastbound tennis Aberdeen free web Fremont just east of the US seven dead all lanes have now been opened that event is completely done what at the back ups are going away injured in an accident visit super woman of super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock K. F. find this guy to see new crash in Anaheim on the five self and ball road now much more information than that except I can see on my map that you are off in some stop and go traffic there from brokers KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I'm robbing banks is a tender little tale fresh from the trail about a cowboy fell in love with a cow girl named Dale it was love at first sight that's what they said sweet something sure went to.

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