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But it's short term. Yup You know and and it's important to get that him Turnley. That's why it's so important. I think to have a spiritual base inside of yourself. You know so. Then you can tap into that just like you meditate. I meditate and the first thing I do is give gratitude absolute. That's the very first thing I do. I get up go the bathroom come back and I give my gratitude you know and and and then pray for others but again it's others giving to others because he takes it really reduce a lot of the on you. It reduces the burden in a way. Your if you focus on just you all the time it just become a lotta walk. He's just need causing diseases. Is Stress People Destroy? Its its tunnel vision and it's important to be able to share with others. That's why I do my show that you do wonderful. Joe Thank you thank you. Yeah so is there any more wisdom net share other than what you've already shared will think you know I took people said? How can you get this practice going? I talked about just baby steps one of the team that I always recommend a make a promise to yourself that you're GonNa be happy for twenty four hours. Anybody can do that. Twenty four hours is not that long so when you wake up in the money instead and just say hey you know what today. I'm going to be happy for twenty four hours. Not Not one week not one month North One year just twenty four hours because to four was small voice. People can reach that goal and I said if something happened halfway through you make it. Don't worry about it. Set It from that point twenty four hours and so that you want to really happen with that when he said to go there. You're going to be happy for twenty four hours. You start to anticipate good stuff. You've got to anticipate the best in people. You start a sped the best in you and all of a sudden it's like you send a message to the universe that here. I don't want any craft today. I just wanted to be happy and sometimes university in cooperation with you are now and and with practice it just gets easier. May I interject? Lee's I'm just thinking of some of the people that I have known that have been like perpetually depressed. I'm thinking make a commitment for one hour to be happy and then spread it to six hours and I mean these are more extreme cases because twenty. Four hours may seem a law to them. You know if the doctors don't even go an hour if you really really clinically depressed up. Somebody you're working with. I was talking with a gentleman and he was one of those people that actually jumped out of the bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge you did Yeah Wroclaw. Spine all kinds of stuff. And now. He's really thankful and his hoppy guy and I was asking him. I said how did you go from that. Because he said there was something in his head I was telling him he didn't have to leave at any issue just ended and after some time it listen to it and it was on his way going to realize whatever and so it was praying to leave any. Did IF INADEQUATE JIM job. Yeah but he's live survive on this way when he changed his mind and it jumped down also. Oh no no is one of the few people that have so that powerful. Yeah if he decided on the way and it was going ahead I also oh my God. So each changed his mind. And that's the power in decision. K. A. AND. So but that time where he was in. That situation are absolutely twenty was not even be conceivable does when you ask for have you asked for have in in do baby step with ice. Fifteen minutes With ice one hour and do it in spall until and when detainees share with me which I never receive will conceive. What's possible I got it? When shedded is that? He was always scared to be happy. He was scared to be. Yes and and the sprawl of happiness but he always pay for it later because gets even more depress. I wall so does that. Give me a sense of different approach. So yes you're absolutely right. Don't go twenty four hours. Do Noah. Yeah I mean I just because I I've known people that are clinically depressed. And they take drugs foreign Anyway I you know like my question is I wonder if the the man who jumped off the bridge if he if he got God if he was talking to God in when he didn't share that because sometimes I know that's very personal people don't want to but I'm real curious I get another opportunity probably ask I mean you know. We all need help. And boy he sure did need it on the way down because most people don't survive a gift that he survived because he can also share historical. And that's what he's doing and is a very good job at it. Wow is he in the city right now in North Carolina. Oh okay okay yeah anyway. So is there any other wonderful things? Yeah I just say that as human being we need to really shit. Ourself befriends people. Either one of the ways to be happy I about you have to make time for the three fs so they are your fate your family and your friends and when you get to be too busy for those three teens thinks. Something is out of alignment and I I was talking to a guy and he said well you know I just want to do a really good job for my people. I just WanNa really have them. I just wonder and he's just going on their own. So that's why does he have time for anything else? So I said what do you think will happen to your people? If all of a sudden you just got heart attack. And he goes well. I never really think about that. I said well. Do you want to tinker just because of your people you know because the ritual green you. Something's going to happen so make time. That's very very crucial. If you make time for your friends it doesn't matter able some people's Oud introverted. Yvonne if you Internet you can still make time for the basic things and then the last thing that I want to release the folks with is have goals and it's not goals because he won a code word or did this because what I find out is where you have goals when you have dreams it gives you hope. I've never seen anybody have goes depressed and never is just as I've never seen anybody that's happy that decide. You know what I just wake up this morning. I'm so happy I wanted to take my life. You know it it. It does twenty exclusive. Or you see somebody. I'm so happy today. I'm looking for somebody else to take their life. Those kinds of things are mutually exclusive so have goals and and and and because that brings hope that gave you something to walk towards and in the process a lot of teams. That may be big deal. I no longer deal so. That's one of the ways. Thank you thank you thank you. Edwin. Time's almost up. So if there's anything else that you want to say please say it now. Because our time's wrapping up well for those people who want to really follow what I do. They go to happy neighborhood. Project DOT com. They'll be able to see what I do and information I have to organizations I have. I am happy project which is a platform just to attract people to focus on their own happiness because whatever we focus on is going to grow and so I encourage people to do that and if they go to youtube and just typing ask the In that's F. S. K. The they can subscribe to China. Every Monday I do the happy Monday and the reason I started that is when I started to read about just the difficulty. People have on Monday on when they have the most heart attack most heart attack. Most suicide rate the most high blood pressure just a whole lot of stuff so I started his happy Monday to kind of have people at the foundation long for the week so they can follow that on Youtube. Yeah thank you so much absolutely are now under thank you. 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