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We begin in nineteen seventy-seven back in a little town called Enfield London. Okay. Okay. So we're across the pond. We are across the pond and because of that you're probably going to hear me do a lot of really terrible British accents. I love it. I'm here for that. Ye on top of that. I'm not really sure if I pronounce the name right of the town, but I think I've heard it said in field. So I mean that's how it's spelled. So yeah, I would assume as well but I don't know if it's like unveiled or like you know, that's your prestigious. Yeah, but because we're from America we're going to go with Enfield. I love it. So we're sitting in this Tiny Town. And we are going to visit our friends the Hodgson family. Okay? Okay. I've got Mom Peggy Hodgson who is in fact a single mom of four which at the time seemed like pretty weird, you know to be a single mother. Yeah. I mean, I guess divorce was still not like a big thing back then that's okay, especially in London, I guess so she was risky to the people of London. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So it was just a weird thing to see her four children included Margaret who was twelve at the time Janet who was eleven Johnny who was ten and Billy who was seven so we got our two girls and two boys easy to keep up with exactly. They're all living their lives having a grand old time in this cute little like looks like a townhouse kind of thing. It's like wage one of those connected houses where it's like there's a few houses in one unit yeah I know exactly which yeah so this cute guy cute little garden gnome whatever they're living their lives then the evening of August 30th 1977 rolls around okay oh Peggy as wage most likely stressed out mother is it trying to get her kids to go to bed she's like guys I gotta wake up I got to go to work tomorrow y'all gotta go to school tomorrow let's get to bed so she's downstairs doing some gift bad stuff and she heard Janet the eleven-year-old saying from upstairs that her and her brothers beds were like wobbling what yeah wobbling wobbling oh baby wobble baby wobble baby wobble no dead But they don't fall down. That's a wee before you so it's a total natural night. Okay, and then Peggy, like I said super stressed at the time she was not having this and she was just like Janet stop mucking about go to bed. I'm done with you. Yeah. Okay. This seems seems pretty normal. Yeah, pretty sure well. I mean like for Peggy from her personal perspective, you know, like it's a normal night. Her kids are being like no, I don't go to bed. So we'll make up this excuse. Yeah, she's tired and she's like just do it. I'm just over y'all. Let's call it done. Like I need a glass of wine and he only because right so the next Thursday evening Peggy herself heard a crash from upstairs. So this time she actually goes to investigate and when she got to the room a chest of drawers wage, Coming towards her without anyone pushing it seemingly of its own volition. No way. Yeah. Yeah rural she said in an interview that it seemed like Tom Thumb something was trying to block off her family from the rest of the house using the chest of drawers. Oh my gosh, that's terrifying. I know. Oh my God, and I'm sure not at all what she expected. Oh gosh. No, I would burn the house down immediately. I mean, oh my gosh, you go to open a room and here comes a dresser just like back at you like this isn't Beauty and the Beast. Okay, right? No, she ain't talking to us. Probably not that friendly either probably not dead. If she was I probably would have a different reaction right? I guess jurors don't have pronouns. Wow. Wow, and Carol just broke. So after that my Janet's older sister Margaret, she goes on to say in many like interviews and articles that after that night be activity definitely started to increase she says there were strange little noises in the house. You couldn't make out what was going on and none of us got any sleep. We put on our dressing gown and slippers and we would always go next door which wasn't a direct quote but I changed a little pool. So there you go like down in plaid quote. It's an implied quote people. So anyways, they're all putting on their dressing gowns and slippers and whatnot and took over to their neighbor's house who are named Vic and Peggy which could in fact get confusing, but we're only going to talk about big so There you go. Okay, so that makes it easy. Yeah Vic Nottingham. Oh how fancy anyway, so the family goes over to their neighbors and Mistral Vic Vic nodding him. He is described as a Burly Builder and he's a big dude. He decides to go over and investigate by himself, which I don't know why anybody would do that either. I mean, I don't know how long as I get people not believing in it and not wanting to do her like not really caring to go over but like Even if there's a tiny hint that it could be real why wouldn't anyone else with me. I'm guessing he was just being neighborly to his, you know, single mom of four. Yeah and wanting to help out. I mean, I'm sure to it probably had to sound kind of ridiculous. Hm, you know, and he was probably like, well, there's gotta be a very clear explanation. Yeah. You're probably right. I just wouldn't go I would not have gone by myself. I know you wouldn't have come over like, oh my God a chance to see ghosts. I'm there. I'll grab my flashlight. Oh my gosh, so he goes over and he goes on record saying I went in there and I couldn't make out these noises. There was a knocking on the wall in the bedroom on the ceiling and I was afraid beginning to get a bit frightened. No, meaning the Pearly Builder got frightened. The Burly Builder was bewildered sounds like a kids book. It does that get dumped so then they finally decide. Hey, let's call the police and see what she going on. Maybe the police will figure something out that we haven't put together seems logical right? So the police come over and they start to have very similar experiences and they are I'm sure of what is going on. One of the officers even signed an affidavit claiming. She saw a large armchair move. Unassisted four feet across the floor. Oh my gosh. No thoughts on record. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Yeah. Yeah, so like I'm also assuming that they checked for like any kind of rigging or anything like that. I mean I would hope so being that there were police I would think they'd be pretty thorough in an investigation. Yeah just freaks me out. I'd be curious to read that affidavit. Yeah, so then I saw Shaq just a regular day in the field and then you know, we decided to leave which they did eventually the police did in fact leave cuz I know they don't deal in ghosts they deal in real people. So of course, they couldn't

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