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Would take it one step further and say you know it's amazing that out of four trillion dollar budget the the democrats don't wanna spend you know four billion of that one one one one thousandth of the budget to build the wall if i were trump i'd take some of that money out of the defense budget and use it to build the wall that's what people voted for that's how trump won but that's what he wants he wants to negotiate that jimmy what do you think of that president according to reports staying with the secretary of defense general mattis mr mattis to do just that to to take some money out of dod which got a big hike and stick it into the wall what do you make of that i mean i'm fifty what republicans mad about are they mad about it spends too much or are they fine with really that it spends too much that just doesn't spend more on the wall you were out there talking to republicans at at these various resorts or whatever you were going to colorado what are they angry about what do they wanna cut well that's a good question i think that they don't want to spend more money on any of this stuff i actually think that the president had it wrong on look we spend six hundred and what eighty billion dollars a year on the defense department of do we really need to spend another seven hundred billion over the next decade i mean we've got to require efficiency larry in government and that includes the pentagon i mean i drive by the pentagon every to to work it's the biggest bureaucracy in america i mean do they really need all this extra money they can spend that money much more efficiently than they are now steve forbes is steve moore right does the defense department should be satisfied with its current level of spending or should it be increased well i think it's a very clear while they're vast room for reforms where you could save twenty five to fifty billion a year just by over a couple of years or forming their process procurement process which is a disaster but nonetheless we have a lot of catching up to do after president obama that's why we're our pilots are not getting sufficient training that's why we're having these mishaps their naval ships this is serious stuff.

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