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Long who you are you play a little snippet counted. Canada canada counted. Let me tell you something. Count it. I bet you somewhere in bristol okay during the nba playoffs a couple years ago when this was the nba playoffs song and it was banging every arena. That you before. I did my hits. There is an a video of me. Just bob into this just like Yeah i actually hit up a mean. And i was like i notice was you. Yeah there's definitely video of me before my hit as that's playing in the arena doing like a little little shoulder shimmy dance to that. Coal can play basketball anybody. He's any good. He's he's he's good. He's good for a celebrity is what i would say. No no no. He's better than a celebrity. He's a good basketball player. Like i'm trying to think good for celebrity. Like adam sandler is good for celebrity like and actually ball a little bit. Okay if you say so i. I've only seen him playing the Celebrity games i'd espn or whatever. It's good for a celebrity. I was trying to find some highlights on youtube from his game this past weekend. All right. let's go to the phones. That is big or no deal. Thank you laura for playing that all right. Let's go clipper fans already laker fans already and they already to argue. I mean we've been asked the question. Did you put her fans realize that maybe have duct the lakers like openly blatantly. So let's keep it in. Inglewood is a clipper fan. Keith was up man tournament first of all. Thank you for me talk about this year. I just gotta say real quick I i used to call it in the morning show. And i'm wait in my shifts at chef. Jake and i'm telling you bro. Nothing's changed the arrogance. Petulance the self righteousness of the lakers fan since world champions to you sir..

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