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That's what is that's a very very cliff notes. Version of what's going on here and disney of course wants to retain ownership of the rights. It has to all all things marvel. So that's we'll see how this plays out. This has been going on since the seventies when you had characters. Well he had this with a howard the duck which also became a movie where there's a big battle behind the creators of that and who owned it and in fact was a key was a caricature about a disney character. Being in a marvel. Comic is n- ongoing thing about what creators own when they're working for somebody else stocks drilling down on today. Let's start with costco. Costco trades under c. o. s. t. Cost shares rose three percent and gained thirty four percent in a year. What's new with costco. Well costco reported earnings and they reported what i thought was really strong quarter there. There's their sales growth sixteen percent. If you take out gas and foreign exchange which is just strong with gas and foreign exchange s- eighteen percent com sales for the stores up fifteen percent also a bigger and canada Up to twenty percent. Canada ecommerce up ten percents. Remember eleven percent. Remember where we were a year ago. Right where you had of people in the pandemic buying in bulk buying for home a great time for costco And one of the reasons things are better is inflation. And they're seeing prices come up with they're raising prices interesting stuff though because they're having trouble getting stuff and they're having trouble getting all kinds of things they're seeing inflation..

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