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UK CPI for the month of October landing at 4.2% That is a ten year high year on year inflation reading Eurozone CPI coming in at 3.7% Some of the catalysts for that high inflation in the UK is the energy price crunch Dutch natural gas futures right now up 3.7% at €97 a megawatt hour the pound was given a balance earlier cable at a one spot 34 handle and UK ten year guilt briefly touched above a 1% yield Elsewhere rising yields overnight treasury is the ten year yielding 1.625% and the U.S. 30 year popping above 2% The bloom McDonough spot index at an 1177 handle it's highest in a year Here in Europe now the footsie 100 is down two tenths of 8% the Dax up a tenth of a percent The cat 40 just in the green Spain's ibex is flat and Italy's 15th Up two tenths of a percent of struggling for direction here on the continent The biggest gaining sector basic resources the biggest Lagarde travel and leisure E minis are up a tenth of 8% after another record close yesterday of 4700 level NASDAQ 100 futures up a tenth of 8% One stock in focus is SSE for utility company down 4% right now in markets capitulating to pressure from the activist investor Elliott they will sell a 25% stake in the distribution network That's the Bloomberg radio business flashes Leanne guerins with the world news morning Leanne Good morning noura and thank you UK inflation has risen.

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