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For i'd christmas take for breakfast a k is a great one of the year i don't even know what that is is that where they put jesus baby jesus in the komo that's i'd maximum hall i once you put the baby keys from top of the mid five do you know nothing morley note chris metal know what a what what you've ever for you know the fruitcakes sounds like the way i would describe euthanasia yet big fruitcake you the called concept you can get on board with yet you've had a slice of for current guest fruit indicate yeah yeah yeah get get run fry christmas cake is like a more alcoholic imbued shooting for the christmas in the afghan with maulvi pan and icing on this sounds like a fast and easy way to get someone drunk yeah yeah there were both added for breakfast it's the breakfast of champions so you're a little bit buzzed yana his way to start the dead the news eminem this is the middle east peace podcast i molly livingstone your host here in jerusalem and alex giles's joining us from the snowy side of the pond in london england how are you feeling have through your old noor salman linka child oh yeah man row widow of meriva very often own draw was refloated flowing his great flood the full day of loans you don't have to go out here if you ever go out on a sox wa right here in london what you will so come down as i speak to you is result birthing into saul bellow holy night.

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