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That can actually This in so. I don't have any dog in the race either. But the mandela effect is as you'll see in today's show isn't real this. There's no truth to it and we'll discuss that in the show today. Well okay so My audience knows. I absolutely adore the mandela fact for the mystery that it could be you know and and i love again. I love the conversations with brian because he's always got something cool to say and something that you know that does affect me. I remember. I like i know what he's talking about. I understand all that so again interested to know the other side. I mean now now that there is another side you know that it's been out there interested to know the other side so if i jump them it really simple. Most of them are really simple. Like you know there's so many mandela we could we could do today show on this but you know like like like for example we can go over. Someone's that you want whatever you want. But for example like a lot of people will say that christopher reeves is a mandela. 'cause they remembered as christopher rees so the easy explanation is. Do you know who the first superman was. It wasn't christopher reeves it. Christopher reeve is actually his real name was george rees he was the original superman. Easy confusion there or some people say Fdr the president the thirty second president. What's his name. Franklin delano roosevelt right. John it's franklin delano. Roosevelt wife's name is eleanor. An easy mistake to make someone and so forth but those are just meet giving some simple ones. I can be bumped dollars braces. Ed mcmahon you name it. And i've done so thoroughly the volkswagen logo and much much more. Well we got reason why are adamant about doing. It is because of the implications. So i think it's very interesting. But what they're claiming is one of the things you discern his bombarding articles there's an trading parallel universes an portals or this time travellers or it's some type of magical power doing this and so for somebody to be confused with ed mcmahon worker publishers clearinghouse or not and then job to start his bombarding particles. I think that that's muddying the waters in a tree community. So that's why i do it Okay now i remember. Ed mcmahon working for publishers clearinghouse. I remember the giant checks. So so what's that. What's that one hundred. That is that one correlate. Okay sure so. We'll do that when. I saw the mandela factors. They use this stuff Residue which is actually just parody or people making a fun up something or make a mistake in they call it..

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