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Asheville, Steve Martin, Michael Cosio discussed on The Tech Guy (MP3) - Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1417


So we don't have to worry about how much it costs but but the having an opensource free one is a great idea that would empower so many people serenity on the line from asheville beautiful asheville north carolina high serenity yes hi and fancy neck hall thanks for calling what am i think one of my favorite artists who wrote a song about asheville ed brielle and steve martin it's it's a beautiful somphet will play it uh when we come i'm sure that the michael cosio musical director confined it it's all about uh when you get to asheville 'cause it's about a guy who's leaving the country for the big city if you're calling from the big city yes it becoming a big hit he actually show it's it's got a wonderful reputation people love asheville it it auto what can i do for you well i need to replace my uh my laptop and i do want to specify do want a laptop not a notebook um i like uh um i don't know i like the half that the laptop i like the uh the larger size of the screen and um they're they have more power and and more storage they if the bitter keyboards they have a battery life sure if you don't mind a little extra weights ending a bigger no booker laptop is not a bad idea i'm i'm with you on that one day i use it for yes um well i i i use the word and xl allott uh and uh um yes uh we'll need the office sweet either by it separately or if it comes with the machines i'll tell you what my favorite wept ups or for business use sounds like your business user.

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Asheville, Steve Martin, Michael Cosio discussed on The Tech Guy (MP3) - Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1417

The Tech Guy (MP3) - Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1417 3 years ago

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