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February. Twentieth of twenty sixteen the day of the shootings, he's accused in three separate shootings. He had previously claimed that the. The Uber app. Made him carry out the shootings. He now gets a life sentence with no chance of parole and unthinkable tragedy unfolding in northville were friends and family are mourning the death of an entire family on I seventy five in Kentucky early Sunday morning. The family returning from a Florida vacation when they're SUV was hit by a wrong way driver. Police believe that driver might have been drunk. Now funeral services are set for the Obas family. The driver of the pickup was also killed in the accident. The family Assam Obas forty two thirty eight year old doctor Reema Abbass the mother Ali fourteen Isabela thirteen and Giselle seven Dr Abbass worked at the Beaumont hospital system. She was a family practice. Doctor the district. The school district is offering counseling to the children who are left behind at the district. Visitation for the family will be at the center of America. In Dearborn services will be held tomorrow. Morning nine thirty at the Islamic center and the family will be buried at noon on Tuesday at the Islamic memorial gardens in west land. WJR news time two oh to amid the partial government shutdown overbroad security or Overbrook border security and a wall President Trump now planning to visit the border with Mexico later this week. There's no indication of where let alone what kind of border barriers the president might see but press secretary Sarah Sanders, tweet President Donald Trump will travel to the southern border on Thursday to meet with those on the front lines of the national security and humanitarian crisis actor Kevin Spacey has been arraigned on a charge of felony indecent assault and battery during a court hearing and then pocket Massachusetts, the judge ordered the disgraced actor to stay away from the young man, he's accused of groping a bar in two thousand sixteen while Spacey's attorney Alan Jackson asked for the alleged victims, Texan Snapchat to be preserved. This is data that we believe is not only potentially exculpatory, but likely exculpatory from Mr. Spacey, I simply don't wanna see any of that data deleted destroyed even inadvertently. The suspected driver in a shooting that killed a seven year old girl near Houston has made his first court appearance. Assistant attorney a district attorney Samantha connect says Eric black junior is being charged just as he would have been if he pulled the trigger in the case in Texas. The law says that whether you're the driver, or you're the actual shooter that everyone is held accountable the same and in this case because jasmine was only seven years old when she was shot and killed the one Texas is quite clear that this is capital murder. And that's how we've charged him a movie about the unlikely rise of a rock legend could now be a likely Oscar winner this superhuman rock God icon, that's Rami Malik after winning his first ever Golden Globe for his portrayal of, Freddie. Mercury in the movie, he won for best actor in a dramatic film and bohemian rhapsody took the top prize of best drama film. He could hold an audience in the palm of his hand at some moments. Just wanted to be held that way as well. The biracial road trip movie. Green book won best comedy. The movie and other surprise Glenn Close winning best actress in a dramatic film for the wife. Jim Roope, Los Angeles. We'll update traffic.

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