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Nation who was our nation at the time how sovereignty we had queen. We gotta go back at later. Figure that that's a couple of hundred years after the Captain Cook thing more. So what happened. After Captain Cook was religion missionaries came started trying to get winds the where close. Yeah made the Hulu legal because sexual dance to white people would never seen him. Yeah I mean it looks at how they do. It's more interesting than other fast one. You're thinking of Asian. WHO has the more slow in Pencil? Ah Yes hotter sex here. It's it's classic but they did a lot of things. One of my favorite stories about Hawaiians the missionaries is that a when machines. I came all the winds are naked. Men Women did mattered. Hot Tubs. But they showed up like Oh. Yeah you have to wear clothes before you come into the church that we're building for you so he's is left out. A big pile of clothes gathered the clothes and they went back to the houses and it came back for church. And like the first guy showed up. And it's documented this actual history. He he showed up with a top hat and comer bone the comer bun with his checkout. Just completely naked adornment. Everybody's coming wearing wearing dresses wrong and like a guy's wearing address. Yeah nobody told amount of workloads. Oh look at least we're gonNA genes are shaw. It just start church but in that amount of time. They're able to turn their language into written to the Hawaiian language is was now. Oh put into text so that all of our oral traditions and histories were able to be documented. And what symbols do they use for that. It's written in the English language but there's only thirteen letters because we're heavy vowel. Your I know a lot of out with breaks and is that why. Why do they overvalue the vows? So much much I think it was just what we felt natural speaking tongue yet. But if you go all across Polynesia we have pretty similar languages just like Tonga. Has a heavier like chop sound to it. With heavy teas and dis someone was like really heavy. Like these bs like. It's weird the consonants. Just this change as he sweep further. Weird East Yeah. Hey that Hula Hula hoops hula-hoop the Hula skirt the Hula Dancing. Yeah is that you look at that now. Because we were waiting for carpet we saw one. One of those Luau. Is that like black face. Yeah I'd patties like no one's doing that on their own right It depends yeah. It's black face it. I mean it's just there for the tourists. Yes I mean we don't it. Sounds like you're doing it wearing an Indian costume on Halloween. You know some people are gonNA be like Hey. Are you a native American costume. Like are you a native American but there's also doing it right well the stuff that this ABC store no answer buying. I can tell you know I mean the people putting on the shows. Yes yeah that's different. Yeah those are actual coconuts and those. They probably made their own costumes. But that's but like no one's doing that if not for the tourists well or my Rahula was originally done topless. Yeah so the coconut adornments are really just to fit the western ideal of appropriate to a topless. Yeah that'd be way better. I mean that's how it was done. All with the fire and Shit like they want the real reason for the Lao when they had those parties with killing a pig and fucking you know all making the things and the due to the fire dancing and all that chat everything was based on the Kapalua system where everybody had to pull their own weight in order to gain a cop couples that you're not allowed to do certain things. There's like certain certain men donate with women women administrating. They're in their own tent. There's all types of stuff. There's all types of these these rules. But the the Luau was kind of Flaka a way of acknowledging everybody putting in their effort. Like everybody's here we can all we can all enjoy together like this. We've reached a point of of sustenance limerick beyond harvest or any like one will do to allure spring and summer. There's no harvest season. It's all whoever they do a lot with the reason just when things were good the things are great and work was done and I can criticize like the whoever is in charge having a party. Yeah second third. We'll oh blue allies I mean as far as when the westerners came we I mean. We didn't even call them Lou Party. You know what I mean. That's just what it is. We danced with saying we felt we share stories. We tell her history all over again to each other and those are all informed Song. The chanting that we do is kind of a song but See what I was thinking about that I was going to go on a tangent about the chanting and I forgot. Oh so the people who chanted the thing that's crazy about them is that their only job in.

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