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The gold say wars a couple times on the road the longest homecourt winnings you have a gave an nba his eight he the ike he was on the team was he the one taking them now i'm just submitting it to the evidence i don't i i don't think sido disagree with you at all on this point adam and and and that's part of as a thomas she you give molly credit in the world for being a the sixtieth the overall pick trust me this sounds like me dumping on isaiah on i love isaiah it's it's just it's surely and it kinda sounds like a short joke because he's five eight but it's it's just him banging his head up against a ceiling when isaiah thomas took over it was great and it was fun to watch but it was laborious there was a lot of dribbling there was a lot of you know is he going to be abel to rubber band his arm around this guy and to get the ball over by a half an inch to get that layup carrier being just it it it affects the whole game and you saw the ball moving in the second half there he's just he sees angles that thomas doesn't see he can get off shots the thomas can't get off and when particular we've at five point swing there where he got the 3pointer got fouled did miss free throw got his own rebound and put it in i mean that's maybe hyperbole here but that's michael jordan stuff right there like you said that is elite i mean i don't believe but as it was a grave see second round picks doing stuff like that you see first round stud players nba all star every year first team type players doing that sort of stuff and that's what he brings to the table so i i will say and i said there's a bunch this week all reiterate especially coming off that win last night they've won seven in a row and again they're they're the.

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