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The in inaction right now knew very well be temporary mile on a thank you all for joining me for in studio this week at life at a lot this week we're in production on a story behind the scenes about a clinic in canada where junkies go to shoot up with illegal drugs paid for by tax dollars canadian tax dollars to try and stop the opioid um death that are happening in their community on will bring that to you in our next feature investigative reporter life of the law i hope you'll all join us on march seven when we publish the luckiest junkies in the world that's march seventh and then for our in studio on march twenty i when we get back together in the studio kqed do you have a question about the law do you have feedback for us about this conversation or do you have a news story that you want us to kinda sort out send an email to connect at life of the law dot org be sure to include your contact information so we can follow up i'd like to thank life of the laws team britney vod tour of attorney and share of life of the laws advisory board assauge you bosque professor at the university of california berkeley and a member of life of the laws advisory board tony gannon life allows senior producer and cures didn't jesuits heidel are postproduction editor for coming into the studio today tony gannon we'll senior produce this episode and kirsten jesuits title and rachel came will post produce are episode we'd like to thank danny bringer and howard gilman at kqed and san francisco who engineered today if you wanna know more about how the law works tune into life of the law on i tunes take a few minutes to post to review like us on facebook and follow us on twitter each time we publish a new episode we send people who have subscribed to our newsletter a behind the scenes look at life of the law including notes from our reporters and our listeners were a nonprofit project of the tide center an were part of the panoply network of podcasts from slate connecting sophisticated listeners with top publishers and thinkers you can also find life of the law on prix public radio exchange.

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