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Hit me too hard. And then he thinks about feeling like a bag of ship in like a bag of shit. I love that song the due to from like a bad guy she. Yeah it's it's so funny. How so much of it so well done and then at the same time just makes there's so many so much dumb humor so many silly jokes in it to you. Know he just gets comedy. It is incredible how one person could just get and then he just do another small bit called all time low but then the next big moment when he sings welcome to the internet. Welcome to the internet as like a fucking vaudevillian remind me of across the universe or something but it was like a circus. He kinda fuck it. Ringleader he kind of vibe like welcome to the internet. Welcome to the you know. It's incredible it's different than the rest of songs for sure everything all the time. Everything all of the time. It's just a commentary on how the internet is constantly trying to drive you in and has something there for everybody and there's no escaping in your constantly be on it all the time no matter what whether you like it or not and especially during the pandemic i mean. That's what the fuck else were redoing. People weren't going outside. People weren't doing anything. You couldn't go anywhere so all you had was the internet as both an escape end a prison. Yes wild i mean. There's an argument that it helped us during this time but it was also activate habit like wow like what if also during the pandemic the internet went away like with made us better or worse i think wars would have been started. I think if you take away porn from everyone at the same horn under the markets. I lost a lot of porn in the mansion. I think there would have been a lot of s. That would have been very easy moment to be like me to nick camaraderie instead of like. I imagined you did watch a lot of a thanks. Mark is Radio god i watched. I watched so much porn to man. What kind water. Water bottle tape porn is very is very nishi. It's like you're to leaders to leaders into a l. two leaders into a gallon. Yeah oh goodness and then we probably another great bop basis number two jeffrey. Oh scott fucking hit. What was hard. What was the what was the like. Are right buck in hunting. Looking like a bush swamp person out that he was like it was from amazon. Dot com. i've seen that so many times. it's from amazon. It's i it hot-seller. Every time i look for costumes. It is the first thing that comes up under costumes superman. That's exactly why he was wearing it. I am assuming that's why he was wearing again. Wow that's nice. That's real nice. Let's see that funny feeling. Yup that funny feeling with force Backdrop this song was Different than a lot of the other ones because it was a coup sticky because it was a little different yet but it was about like about like a disassociation right. Like what's really not and like him talking about you know. Somebody asked her in the chat. What you're doing look for costumes. I think they deserve an answer. Oh there's here's here's what. I'll do quick quick answer. Are you ready. Because i've been obese most of my life. I haven't been able to dress up as anything ever for halloween. And then ever since i lost weight a few years ago i want to dress up for halloween every year but every year i panic and stress out so much about that i never dress up and i still have dressed up for halloween in my adult life for anything so one year i will be brave enough to actually come up with the cost anybody's spend months beforehand searching for a costume. I feel the exact same way. I was really close to buy costumes this last halloween. But we're still in the pandemic and where to go to. Yeah i was really close to it and you know what i almost bumped almost bought a hike. Yocasta one of those trees good. Yeah yeah one and takes pictures. But i like that. No it would be funnier if you've got a red wagon. You're the top one. Let me get the short one. I'll be tolan i'm ready. We'll figure it out tomorrow. In haiku we should go play volleyball somewhere in our haiku gossip one hundred percent ellen. That'd be fun but yeah that's new to. This is his taylor swift song very very folklore. That the name of that album poker nonstop. But it's about he says it. It's about de realization and his depression. And i don't have you'll realization but i've heard of it i understand it. Do you realize asian or disassociation. The song's about dissociation. But in the song he says he liked calls to dr name was. What do you realization is. got it out. So it's kinda he's talking about but he's talking about not feeling real and not feeling like the world is a real thing. That's you know that's the type of depression that people deal with where everything. Yeah you know they get very auto body. It's i see what's going on the outside and nothing if they have trouble catching the world is real important in that way. And that's what that one is not something. I disassociate a lot. Have that problem and that is something. I'm going back to therapy to deal with. Now that i've dealt with other things i can deal with this because i can't attach to people or feel close to anybody. It's not a good feeling. And i hate it so i want to figure that out. So i get the dissociation part of it. Yeah good job markets from her. Did someone say volleyball. We did see volleyball. Go watch iq drum nine one four. And then you gave us in getting these costumes and you can join in the fun. Hell yeah. let's do it. Yeah and then the outburst we were talking about whether or not they're real or fake but amount but basically even if they're not real the doesn't matter the point is the reason with in. Here's to show what what does to you as you like creating measuring these moments as you know what what you're having to deal with contend with as you know you're creating doing all these things but then the next song is all eyes on me which yes yes. It's very good song. I love the way. It's films like beautiful lighting beautiful shots up close. I feel like this is where bo burnham shines right like we talked about his anxiety performing live and how a part of that ends up with people needing to feel like they are in control and when you have life things you just loose control right like you can't control everything because there's an audience that you can't control you know you might have to end up kicking someone out in the middle of your show or there's stuff that will go wrong technically or people backstage whatever the reason or you just feel off that day like there's so many aspects to it that i think would hinder the process but this whole thing being done at home. Digitally is hard and it. It is hard mentally on mental health. But it's also good. Because i feel like he gets to do all of this and create a masterpiece yet. In reminds me of specialty always ends at a big moment like this big song. That sounds like it could be a pop song on the radio so good. I would love that. I would love. Just we turn on the radio one day. I don't know who listens to radio anymore. But a bo burnham song which is on there. I was in a car. The election i had rented in. We were like listening to the radio and she was like connecting our phone. And i was like no no. Let's hear some of the radio. How ended up. Yeah we ended up on random spanish station house vibrant nice and then it was like we'll talking we listen to put it on something else. I'm like okay. Let's just playing reggae tone. Probably got its. It's all music now. It's fine to that debt. Do anything that if you and.

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