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It'll be come berry specialist area. I'm probably an area where we'll have to sell with privacy engineers and other technologists as well just to job item. Imagine all they're interesting to kind of see where that goes and and how that plays out. I don't think it's going to wear a no against the biggest threat to it at all the. Us government wanted practice today. And you've seen the. I got smart. My theory is looking pretty good right now. So that's the i please. I've got a few of them. But i've got a few that tanked so we're we're we're experimenting learning and it's part of that but i would anyone who suddenly picking up a bit of interest do your research and realize is the most complicated thing on the planet. It isn't you know there's no such thing as free money headline say boy interested. All that goes so For the firm. I how the us but what a big future plans. What are the growth plans of the firm. Are you know it. Sounds like you're gonna be hiring a and trying to navigate that but is there any kind of thing you can share. I guess with the things that you guys are trying to accomplish the next five in a way. Not all monetary. Still your well where you're although we're in the us not about doing us low. We're not competing with us little firms out here. Say the office that i made as will remain relatively small partly because we can't grow because we can't find the lowest come here and practice and they we would need to leverage around the glade. Some of the fish europe plans. We've expanded out you mentioned. We've got eleven. Were ten twenty four offseason eleven countries. We grow well We probably got footprint. We need we need to get that. Footprint integration working well together. There's a lot of partners that have a in the last year. So new is coming in a great tech potter in spain. Who i've been working with of never met. We've not cooperated with not talked about which clients we know and leveraging each other so i think there's a lot of working together as a family dic- huge plans to build out too many more offices all run and take on asia. Rowlatt time or anything like that. We know what we want to and grow from that now from. Hey where. I'm running the office. We go very strong tech and privacy practice on some fantastic client relationships. What we realize is we can serve clients in more areas. We can already do that. Info fisher in europe. But we didn't have the people on the grounds to talk to them to make introductions expanding culprit conversations and our emanate suppo-. We've gone employment lawyer now in employment a job practice which is really growing talking to the service lines that we have talking somewhat to the sectors that we have so we don't have life science specialism out here. A real priority would look today and then making this office representative of european footprint so we go cut a few uk. Lois hair in part because of the visa systems been more friendly for bringing out. uk lowest But we we've got a spanish french law..

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