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Fan your mamie only really going to get into it once every couple of years when you either have a high draft pick or multiple high draft picks or cap space hard to make trades in the nba as we all know and it's hard to make good trades in the nba as we all know but i want you to it over and think about it for a second because i think lebron with the decision changed the way players now think about free agency and the way teams go about trying to create space for players in free agency hey look we're eight years down the road from the decision and lebron has made two decisions since but think about it what he did affected the way a rookie thing or the way a rookie thinks coming into the league because it's one can i get my pay day and play with my friends the same way when tiger woods was great in golf it changed the way golfers thought they got in shape they worked hard they took their diets seriously and now somewhat fifteen years later or more when you think about it almost twenty years later now from when tiger really hit the scene but i'd say fifteen because he started to change things and gained some accolades that made people coming into that sport think differently we can really go back to a lot of this and say lebron was the cause and now we're feeling the effect and i want to hear from you if what lebron did some eight years ago in changing the thinking of gm's and players has made it worse for you as a fan when it comes to free agency and thinking about the team that is going to be put together that you root for we're coast to coast border to border and in america's had known as canada eight five five two one two four two two seven.

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