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The only thing sattar than one hand clapping was one person showing up for the accountability it's good i had a good time in la and i think there's an important lesson there about the creative process can get derailed for sure for sure for sure sue howell you gonna handle that i'm going to use this is my fuel and now this episode truly has a mission it's on a mission to find out how do we make progress when life is getting in the way how'd how do we actually complete a creative project and now sometimes there's going to be hiccups in bumps along the way in that's okay to the i think that's a good way of doing it just make it part of your a process so we got some great questions coming up i'll say let's get right to them okay i'm ready our first question tackles how to deal with criticism in the midst of a project i'm in independent filmmaker in writer in the last few years i feel very fortunate that i've been seeing some success i focused on developing my voice is a storyteller i know the way to improve is by showing my work in progress to others and to ask what working and what's not i always try to be opened feedback sometimes the feedback is helpful while others not so much am also wary that as a woman i get more negative feedback than my male counterparts in the past overly critical feedback has killed a project before it had time to grow i'd like some advice on how to take feedback how do i know who to trust how do i protect my work at his most vulnerable stage while still being open input that could improve at greatly.

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