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In life hey army on there my overriding the wringer mainly not among the bringing them ornaments hey thanks for sticking around so today we talked with jeff fox and he took us through a ride on a ryan and the really felt like it right i hope you actually turned up you're a the podcast volume whenever you you're listening to that stuff because especially if you have like a theater or something you can really feel it we are do we were in the studio editing this and it really felt like we were on that launch everything was vibrating it was is kind of awesome so i hope you did that if not you can go back and listen to it but if you want to see more on ryan you go to our website a nasa doug of slash orion actually the assent abort two capsule just arrived at the johnson space center a not too long ago and is being outfitted to start the next abort test mission so it's kinda cool actually if you go back to i think is episode marseille 25 it's a the episode tireless a rocket on a rocket you can learn a little bit more about a board systems launch abort systems ben and we're going to be doing a two coming up here soon other than that on a nastase website ends a anything orion you can find on social media you can go to the orion pages on facebook twitter instagram on facebook its nasa orion twitter it's at nasa underscore orion and then on instagram it's at explore nasa actually as one of the channels that we have the has a little bit of ryan little of sos so you can see a lot of cool stuff there i even use the hashtag ask nasa underplay the favor platform to submit ideas for the podcast mabel answer it in one of the episodes and maybe will dedicate an entire episode to it so this podcast was recorded on february seventh 2018 thanks to alex perry men greg wisemen tummy gerzat rachel craft lower sean brandy dean kelly humphreys and ryan stewart and i wanted to give my condolences to jeff fox he was talking about his father mike fox during this podcast and just wanted to say rest in peace he passed away very recently and i want to thank jeff again for coming on the show today we'll be back next week.

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