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Media lunatics who spread false it's about me which you know, I know I don't have any control but like even Even this one idiot we would say. Oh the only reason you know, like I didn't do anything for Howard if if I didn't do anything for Howard, why did Howard and I talked on the phone on my last day and he said that well John, I probably should have put you in the Jackie chair. You know, I probably should have made your full, you know, always had you understood. You know, he he showed his remorse. He knew how important I was to his show and that's why he beat the hell out of J 4 months upon months, you know, and you know, when you have this idiot who like, you know, like trying to say that they don't do anything. It just drives you nuts, like really all the jokes and bits I created on that show. It's just like people just promote nonsense nonsense. So I just want you guys to know what you read on social media. Don't believe because it you know, if it's about me it's usually horse crap. That's all I'm going to say because anybody who knows me knows the truth, you know, you have shown not counted twenty-five white talked to Nicky be who I talked. They know me, you know, anybody any of the writers at The Tonight Show, they know all the stuff that I came up with and wrote and got in bed. So, you know these idiots who try and like pretend and lie, you know about me I'm just I'm just telling you guys don't believe it. That's all and I'm yeah, I know I'm gonna go. I'm just saying I'm just saying, you know, I don't want people, you know, don't believe it is all I'm saying. Thank you. Now. I want to thank our sponsors today manscape and use that code clns 50 as far and then True North outdoor gear use that code John 10 and for manscape you stuttering 20. I want to thank my guests today Ruth been. Oh, I'm going to screw the name up again. I knew it geit Gaya gonna get out of the damn it. Anyway. Thanks Mom. Glad you enjoyed the show. Yeah the fat box. Yes. I do. I have plenty of dirt and you know what, you know, you know, he better back off. But anyway, listen, I love that you guys enjoy the show. Enjoy football today. I will be and I will see you back here in Tuesday. We have great guest coming off. Dr. Dena Grayson is coming on again and Glenn Curtiss said he's going to come on soon. I hope I can get him on for Tuesday. And then hopefully I can get Adriana the congressman Murphy's. I think he should be done with his 10-day quarantine. I'd love to have him on the show and David cicilline. People got back to me congressman from the great state of Rhode Island. He said John was so busy wage. These articles of impeachment as soon as it quiets down in the craziness ends, the congressman will definitely come on so, yes, so, you know, so that'll happen. So, please please hit the like button. Please become a member on patreon it really all that helps keep the show going. I want to get a map program, which is I want to get the Final Cut Pro. That's what I had on The Tonight Show, you know where I cut all my droppings wage and so I'd love to get that so I can cut these things up and I can make the production a little bit better and I want to get a better camera. So I look a lot a lot more handsome if you will. There's my link to PayPal PayPal. Me slash John Melendez ink and also patreon dead. Slash John Melendez. You can become a YouTube member as well. Thank you. Jackie Jaqueline great show. John Marshall giannoulas. Such great guests today is John. Hey now LS rock on John. Thanks good show Mark p and do time John Jillian, New York City 212 great show Stuttering John Nikki, 20,000. Thank you. Nikki, B and hockey counter 25 for being in my moderators. You guys are awesome. All of you guys are awesome. And I appreciate it. Oh, you guys are awesome song Oh, you guys are all part of the team. Oh, you guys are all set and we're living the dream. There we go. All right. I will see you guys Monday Tuesday at noon PST Thursday at noon PST. And then Friday we have another beer on the balcony. Maybe we just get in sir are another comedian a female comedian, but yep. You have not watched the Wendy Liebman beer on the balcony. It is worth the $5 just off the patreon our YouTube because we all I mean anybody who watched it good as gold will tell you Nikki be will tell you if Mark P will tell you Shawn. I can't 25 will tell you she was so freaking funny. She had me in tears. I mean she is so Charming cute and funny that I think you guys would love it. So please become a patreon member. I'll see you back here on Tuesday. This is Stuttering John saying and geeky. Yeah, and thank you Joy..

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