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Let's get that story from Erik Nelson. Yeah. Rich 1 16 to go opening quarter. Chicago on top of Minnesota, 10 to 7 minutes ago, The Chicago Bears just got a field goal from Cairo, Santos, capping off eight play 51 yard drive. The Bears touchdown today was Mitchell Tre Biscay, hitting the rookie Darnell money out of the lane on an eight yard bootleg play action pass. Meanwhile, Minnesota gets a touchdown flip from Kirk Cousins to a wide open. Adam feeling for cousins found 28 touchdown throws on a year. How about feelings? 13 touchdown catches? 38 in his career. He could well be honest way to another trouble and some of the numbers in this game. We've already seen a lot of chump places opens offensively, have had a lot of success, tired from his 44 for 55 yards and the TV Robiskie in this new look Bears offense that is very up tempo, and they moved the pocket around. He's eight of nine for 84 yards and that touchdown pass to movie. David Montgomery's run for 31 Yards. Delvin took his run for 30 and the struggle bears with a big splash play a reception by Alan Robinson for 24 yards that's set up their touchdown. Meanwhile, feeling has two catches for 11th Earth. Smith Jr has one for 21, the rookie Justin Jefferson one for 23 0, by the way, breaking news richer in Minneapolis. And Bailey made the extra point after touchdown. So temporarily. 10 Bailey is back in good graces that we now we know how it goes in the light being a kicker, the NFL 10 7 to go in the first 10 to 7 our score in the first quarter here in Minneapolis, the Chicago atop of Minnesota. All right, No Ezekiel Elliott for Dallas today. No problem. Here's Bob Stevens. They were late first quarter in the Cowboys lead The 40 times. 14. Nothing was here How boys have been able to take advantage of two fumbles by the 40 Niners deep in their territory and two touchdowns out of it the first one that cowboys on the board, but Eyes. Tony Power stars in the place of means of telling it, who's missing his first game in his career because of injury is camp injury powered runs one yard Touchdown after a Reggie James bumbled on a punt return at the San Francisco 22 yard line. By close later, power was in the end zone for that touchdown. And Miss Mullins, quarterback to the 40. Niners fumbles the ball when he was hit by the markers. Glory is recovered by all the spirits of the 40 Niners 24 yard line, and then five plays later. Don't We know a touchdown pass to Michael Gallop. So the Cowboys, who had 17 points off turnovers last week against the Bangles already had 14 points in the first quarter off turnovers. Nick Mullen 14. Checked that, too, for five for 25 yards as the Ford running owners now with the Dallas 46 yard line, but the Cowboys 34 through nothing there with about 3.5 minutes ago in the first quarter, all right, so lots of scoring so far. The only game without scoring of the eight are the Patriots and Dolphins. And one big reason why was the to a ton of Iowa? Interception. The Ravens with a nine nothing lead, Marlo's Boykin, a four yard reception, and Gardner Minshew sacked for a safety. So that's where we stand. There is one quarter is in the books in Baltimore. Let's get you a complete scoreboard and much, much more going on. Of course, the college football playoff is well here to deliver. All of the news is with the CBS Sports Radio Update. People, Carthy. See me? Yes. For sports flag right back in the NFL scoreboard the Colts with 14. Nothing laid on the Texans. Philip Rivers said exact Paschal for a touchdown as they had.

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