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They agree like the contract terms were done. He wants to make your team better own believable. It's so it's just a not a Newcastle fan. I don't dislike Newcastle. I love their fan base. I think it's a great football city. It's so easy to see. Why Mike Ashley is hated by this fanbase. How about this for new quesion? Don't give Rafeh bonito's. What he wants to make this team successful do give Alan Pardew an eight year contract. Eight years. I mean it's easy to sit here and yellow, but, like if you're not willing to do, what it takes to keep rough Benitez at your club by giving them. I don't think Benitez is asking for the world. He's not saying I want to get this team at a champion. He wants to become a top eight club. He wants to see progress for new cast literally finish with the same results as the season before they are. No in the point where it's either go up or fall back down again. And they've like they've been they've been relegation fodder for so many years into raft. Sell the team and sell the team. What are you doing? It's just so easy for me to, to see. Why fans would would hate him to be honest now on the managerial merry merry go round. We thought we'd have an announcement on Frank Lampard to give you to Chelsea. We don't have that, although the rumors are it is happening. They're trying to greet terms. There's compensation to be paid. Although I've heard something wild today from a decent source that derby were prepared to pay Frank Lampard, ten million a year to keep him at Derby County in the championship. Andrew. Now, Roy Keane? Would he say no to that? That's the interesting thing ten million a year. What he take less money to take some of the money and say, hey expend half. Give me five and spend the other fly via players get this team into. Yeah. No. On the merry go round, Roy Keane is left, Nottingham Forest mutual all amicable. So he's no longer to be assistant knee Lamar Nottingham Forest because he wants job is he positioning himself for the derby job, if Franklin park goes or a some wogs on Twitter suggesting is positioning himself for the director of football job at Old Trafford. Whoa. Wait and see Jim white on talksport was stirring, the pot with that one..

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