Kemba, Julius Randle, Noel discussed on Game Theory Podcast


Just a real really solid off season. They get Julius Randle to resign long term. The whole thing just made sense to me. Everything that they've done over the last year actually makes sense to me in a real way. Yeah, I mean, there are a couple of contracts. I'm not huge on paying centers, the mid level or more. Like elite centers, obviously that's a different conversation, but kind of neurons Noel types. But that's a miniature that's a miniature knock. You know, it's not exactly like that's the type of contract that's going to absolutely kill you. It's just like, you can get away with it if it's a miss. And if it's a hit, then it's a hit. You're in good shape. So yeah, I'm with you, I'm bringing Kemba on good value. He was hurt last year, but if he can be 85% of previous Kemba for mid level money, I mean that's really good value for you as well. So yeah, it makes it makes sense. There's a world too where they're better this year, but they're winning percentages worse because there are a lot of teams and we're going to talk about this. There are a lot of teams in the east that I think are better than they were last year. Yeah, totally. A 100% agree with that. I think there is actually a pretty real chance that that happens. But let's kind of actually get into what we want to talk about on this podcast, which is we're doing a contenders and pretenders podcasts, but we're going to do it in a little bit of an off center way. So the way I did it was I grouped these Eastern Conference teams into four groups instead of just like purely contenders versus pretenders, right? Because success is not always just simple like that. It's not always based on one, you know, outcome. Success for the magic this year is going to be drastically different than success for the 76ers. So in this episode, we're going to discuss the pure rebuilding pretenders. We're going to discuss the play in contenders. The playoff contenders where your top 6 seed and you're actually just straight up in the playoffs. And then we're going to talk about the actual NBA title contenders. So we've got three teams in that bottom kind of rung. We've got three teams in that. Third, rung. We've actually got like a really robust 16 like kind of middle ground of playoff contenders where I think that those battles in the Eastern Conference are going to be fascinating this year. And then we've got three teams at the top that I think are very real NBA title contenders. So let's just kind of dive in. We're going to go through the bottom two, I think a little bit more quickly if only because this Eastern Conference is now there's actually like a middle class in this Eastern Conference in a way that it feels like there hasn't been in a while. Don't you think? Yeah, I mean, I think you can extend the middle class basically from the four seed or even the three seed all the way down to like 12. There's basically a bottom three in the east, which I'm sure will touch on. And I think you can climb all the way up to three because I don't know if they're beyond Brooklyn and Milwaukee. I don't know if there's a consensus number three team. It should be Philadelphia, but it's not for obvious reasons because if Ben Simmons is not physically there, then they're not the sure number three. And if they trade them, we don't know what the heck they're gonna get back for him..

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