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He is running on Gerry McNamara eight six six ninety right I so when you look at the corona virus and again there's a lot that even medical people don't know when one of the dangers is coming to a political conclusion based on a virus that is new right and you know it when when that happens we just shake our heads saying just stop it news all of a sudden everybody became instant experts on a corona virus and it just gets to be in my in my opinion ridiculous and from what I can see what we know is look this is not as we said yesterday it's not the black plague it is you know it is a a virus that can kill but just like the flu eight most likely will be much more severe to people that have an underlying condition the thing they don't know again is whether we have heard different opinions when the weather gets warm weather will dissipate but then there's a train of thought that this virus itself may not be an involving virus and if it does end of vials if it doesn't mutate let me say right if it doesn't mutate then it could be gone quite soon right the concern seems to be that not letting it spread hopefully coming up with some you know vaccine but still we see the vaccine for the flu still doesn't mean that what what we had so far this year close to thirty thousand people die already this year from the flu this flu season yeah I think twenty seven thousand I thought it was something like that yeah so so it whether we have the vaccine or not you know this this can happen so it's really the unknown and since you have the unknown is how the economic impact how you can keep it from spreading to what the economic impact will be are on it as for the election in ads and you know doom and gloom for the president I think people are jumping to conclusions here on tweets don't matter anymore from this president it's the result it's a conclusion of what will finally happen it's whether the country will go into recession because of this and oil prices was reading yesterday about the oil prices that the you know nobody really expects this to go on for a long time because it hurts Russia it hurts Saudi Arabia it hurts so there are no winners here no because nobody is dominating the market therefore there are no winners right and so there you know can that what will this be resolved good quite soon there's a great possibility oil prices already up mail from yesterday overnight so again you're talking about a virus and an oil war vet probably can't continue because nobody can get the advantage here everybody loses right and if everybody loses there probably will be some type of an agreement that comes pretty soon on it if that happens no by the time we get to a brother could be a down month or two that we will see in in economic output in the United States and around the world but this doesn't mean doom and gloom for the president because if it rebounds it could.

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