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Cooley newsradio kale the J. Austin council approves a one million dollar contract with police executive research to evaluate how AB T. handles investigate sex assault cases councilmember else an altar believes it'll promote more transparency through the creation of this contract we have ensured that there will be multiple touch points throughout the course of the evaluation where the council and commissions will be able to request and receive updates as well as provide feedback notice as the ultimate goal is to create the best process and system for sex assault survivors the man accused of going on a shooting spree in Austin last summer's been deemed incompetent to stand trial Charles curry allegedly shot and killed a man at an apartment complex last July and then shot to more people out on the Austin roadways days later after gun store refused to sell the silencer we'll be evaluated for the next several months and then another determination will be made about his competency the cause of yesterday's massive fire in south Austin is still under investigation but early estimates expect that damage to be right around two million dollars and fire completely decimated a condo building under construction your two ninety Bannister also damage to adjacent apartment buildings twenty six people were displaced because of that damage more than forty inches of rainfall has pounded southeast Texas this weekend flooding has led to numerous water rescues the Austin fire department says it's sending an eight person crew out there to help six of those people will be part of a swift water rescue team Austin Travis county EMS is also sending seven of its personnel to the area as well as two ambulances a civil liberties group is calling on the state board of education to follow the lead of the Austin school district in update statewide sex education standards Texas freedom network president Kathy Miller says she knows the ideal meet some tough push back from state education later other board members who think that promoting ignorance is that bad education strategy they like the majority of Texans think they shouldn't be about politics they're against an abstinence focused curriculum until later on in the of the later grade levels will likely. in high school the group supports teaching children very early on about reproduction sexual orientation and diseases as construction on I thirty five a one eighty three flyovers continues text dot is planning some pretty big upgrades to one eighty three around there essentially the project boils down to some major re striping textile it's Brad Wheeler says water now shoulders on one eighty three from Camden road.

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