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I mean, you have some of those coaches who don't allow phones after a particular time. It just depends. You know, that's just what you know to to each his own. But you know, that's. One thing. I tried to. I mean, it's it's tough to tell the guy like stay off social media. I mean, I I'm still on it and see what's going on. But it doesn't run my life. It's not, you know, end all be all with what said, whether it's from media outlets. Whether it's from just random people fans, or you know, opinionated people who just feel like they can just say what they want. I mean, it's just like, it's a matter of opinion. And it's just it's it's kinda high goes, but it's tough because. I'm I'm I'm going from. Social media that was never around to hear it is these guys grew up in the social media era. So that's a part of them. And it's so tough to kind of take that away. We're speaking with Vince Carter about how the world has changed for the worse particular over the last twenty years, social me. So tell me it's you know, again, your forty two. Let me say this, though, the argument some of the young the young arguments are about social media because I will we'll be the first to admit social media. It has a lot of positive things that go that go to it as far as promoting your brand. And all that stuff. It's kinda when you let the negative side of social media take over your mental state your game. So so that's the part of it that I kind of try to help guys. Cya away from I just wanna say that. Because I that was we've had plenty healthy arguments on locker room about the good and bad or social media. You know, and I just wanted to say that before we move on. So go for it. No. I get it. But you know, one of the things is that nobody likes to be criticized in one thing. You know, I'm sure you've learned over the years to is no matter how long you've been doing it. No matter how big a figure you might be. I've learned that. You know, nobody likes to be criticized, you know, it could be the biggest star in the world, and it hurts and it takes people take it personally. And now they can see every single criticism out there in a way that they were shielded from before that has to have a detrimental effect, your state of mind sometimes at because think about like you look at the biggest stars in the world. It's just talk about let's say LeBron James, you know. So it in our day will let's let's say. Toby well before the social so let's say, Michael Jordan or the stars of that time. When you criticize those guys you maybe here from nineteen twenty thousand in arena. And then maybe read it a week later in the magazine, blah, blah, blah, or that night on sports center, fun now, it's instantly. So let's say fifty thousand fifty million people are following LeBron. And if they have something negative to say, it's right there, and then goes right to him if they wanted to so it's it's it has it has a different effect. So it's just I think this the error like I said, it has made us sensitive because it's more people to attack one person at one time. Now as opposed to, you know, in your in Rena, and you go to the on the road, and they will you or, you know, they're yelling as okay, it's like, okay. It's over with. It's constant. I, you know, and it's not twenty thousand people. It's twenty million people now nowadays, can you imagine? How? Any followers. Michael, jordan. Have if social be with around everybody. I was asked that all the time when I started, you know, the young guys, can you could I imagine what life would be like if Twitter Instagram Snapchat with around like my first couple of years. I I couldn't imagine you're from the flaxseeds, you're from the facts, absolutely..

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