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I i notice it yeah so that's really home notice it do noticed couple months but you know relationships have seasons about to be dead for your workout body by some like why do you think that it's the best workout i wanna talk about like different types of workouts for different bodies and especially for women like what workouts are good for them what types of training should they be doing if they want to look like long lane so of is to pops to my business is the class the classes the group classes where you're gonna get like four or five different varieties of class and then the private one on one training with it's really catered to whatever that client needs so yes i'm nine fidanza khadia but if i have a client that comes in and doesn't like to dance i'm not gonna make them dance so we will look at other ways of doing cardio with sue jump rope buddy wakes place of movement ply metrics on the trampoline and the classes you know yet up abode loa buddy fu body dents cut yo and and the trampoline i think to be honest i'm not gonna sit here and say might my workouts the best and you do this it's gonna give give you the best buddy because it's just you just got to excise a as a trainer i just won't people to excise so if that cycling view do it if it swimming do it if it's dance jewett you know you really have to find whatever connects with you whatever you like motivates you so i think you know i think people to work out but my method it's fun it's always mixing different sizes up challenging the body challenging the brain one thing that i do love and i do like to to promote about dance is that it's making you present in a workout like yeah so you know like sometimes if i'm on the bike or treadmill i can go off into medicine meditative state and south thinking about what i'm going to cook for lunch what i'm gonna do where with dance if you think about a cup of tea for sick and you're absolutely screwed because you've already missed the next step and you on someone going the wrong way so the bbetter is that keeps you a hundred percent present it's making you use your brain.

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