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New offerings popping out at least number one radio station what is it all righty now I David talking about the screen is you know it was a nightmare of a nap and I had a really really bad dream on I had a dream that I was on the freeway and I was really really tired and somehow I just lost control of my car and it was like a slow motion and I knew I was going to die and my car flipped and went over kind of like the old freeway overpass and I was just seeing everything like in front of me and I was just like this is it like I'm not getting out of this alive and I remember wanting to reach so bad for the phone because I wanted to call my family members until I'd like to buy but I don't think I can't bother them and say oh my god I'm dying like right did you die in the dream or you don't really know I died like I went all the way down and I just remember like the glass all smashing it and just going like just black like everything went black but I remember feeling like my air bags on my shoulders and my you fell in love with his right some is that I I felt that you feel impact I felt the impact and then I woke up big I will go like legit thinking I was dead like I would I cried I could never I did not answer the motion yeah I know it is I never dreamt of my death before and it was really scare you guys taking my own because I am they didn't need to yeah well and so then I can I shared it with with my friends because I was like well I need to tell somebody and this is what they said what happened to you was there are things going on in your life that you don't feel in control of and that is like a manifestation in your dream of being out of control so there's.

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