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Our Seth Doane who's based in Rome has been sidelined with the virus this morning he has some good news to share hope organization guidelines so you need to negative test separated by twenty four hours to be officially freed from the quarantine so as soon as I was exposed to people who were known to be positive the doctor said you have to be in quarantine and I detest it turned out I was positive he's just gotten his second negative test result some countries in the E. you are beginning to ease up on restrictions although large gatherings are still banned in gyms and restaurants remain closed some restrictions are being eased in Germany Norway Denmark and the Czech Republic from today the coronavirus curve levelling off here in Britain too but officials say the lockdowns here will stay awhile longer to avoid putting added stress on the National Health Service it's crucial that the NHS is able to cope and that that isn't a second peak for infections lockdowns extended in France and Britain to Vicki Barker CBS news London police in Canada say a gunman disguised as an officer began his shooting rampage in a rural Nova Scotia town didn't stop for thirty miles by then he'd killed sixteen people CBS's Earl Barnett according to authorities the victims were shot in several locations including inside and outside of the home fires were also set police have not yet released a motive we got men also died more Californians are taking the high road during the corona virus some marijuana delivery services say business is doubled Alex brown works were a dispensary in LA does not have to much to do so you know it is is you know for a recreational standpoint can kind of make the day go by that quicker and a bit more interesting Dow futures down four.

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