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But you wonder in a couple of years after you hear more, and we've heard a lot about some of these meat factories, quote, unquote, due to the greenhouse gases, and all that kind of stuff if this will become more of a thing if it's better for you. It's not more expensive. I don't know about price. And if you see that it's actually helping keep the planet in a place that needs to be if this will actually catch on and more people would buy it. I'm just I'm just saying wouldn't I wouldn't put it passes an opportunity we'll carry this through the breakfast. There's more things I want to ask you about this because I'm intrigued by the fact by white people just want eat a regular, we're gonna get some people don't like meat, but to kind of pretend it's fake burger if it's better for you, though, if it's I don't know that doesn't have the protein that regular beef has its genetically modified. People to the genetic. You're a good point. Hello that scares people. It's like the Frankenstein burger like Jordan real quick you actually had one of these last week. Where was it? What was your your take on how it tasted? Yes. So usually every Thursday night, we go to a place in cedar called Maxwell's, and they were advertising it, and I was like why not try it because we talked about it on the same day too. So I tried it. I could not tell the difference between a real burger or this impossible burger. So it tasted exactly the same. As a real very look the same as a real. Now. Could you get rare, medium, rare note, just straight up? He never asked me that so not to get too specific. But was like a big thick, Patty or thin, Patty. What was it just like what a regular brick and would look like the same old same old? So if I put a picture of this thing next to a regular hamburger could not tell you. The way seriously. I'm not I'm not joking seriously. All right. We're gonna talk about this afternoon, Tracy, if you had one of these I've been around people. I don't trust it. I don't. I'm not a burger person. Okay. Well, that's because your fitness is that why? No, I just I object to eating cows. It's like my thing. So then you would want an impossible burden, but I don't really I never eat. I've ever be really. So we'll wrap this around. Well done, sir. Jordan who? My request Trident impossible burger last week and loved it rave about it said, it's exactly like a regular hamburger in my mind. Why wouldn't I just hammered? But I'd get that some people don't like to taste. There's a lot of different things going on your one some people, even if it's not a real hamburger. They still don't want to eat a burger like this because it's a burger, and why would I eat something that is supposed to resemble some. They don't eat. Yeah. That's the argument. The other thing is I mean, do we really know what the calorie? I mean, I don't know. I'd rather get up. So I just texted, my friend. Lisa who's listening shout out to Lisa hush until Lisa. I was with her yesterday or last weekend when she had an impossible burger. And she said it was breaking great. Did you say freaking thinking great? Yes. And she's a meat eater. So so she tried it. And she loved it. Yeah. I'm getting all these texts. People say, it's such and such restaurant. I gonna read all the restaurant. It's all over the place. Yeah. Put it actually take over the the bird. Because now as I said Burger King is now rolling out the impossible Walker. Did we have this conversation when we came up with fake sugar? I don't know like when fake sugar with London everywhere now. Well, I mean, we're the sugar people saying this. I don't know. Okay. Here's the. I don't know that some of those fake sugars are bad for you too. There you go. I'm reading the caloric all right breakdown. So a lot of these impossible, burgers, they're saying four ounce patties that typical it's a quarter Pounder, right? Six. Right. One hundred seventy to one hundred ninety calories. An eighty percent lean meat, Patty. I'm not saying what the fast food restaurants are using that. That's only two hundred ninety calories..

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