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Not are being Pethick, but expressing instinctively your response to them. So you just have to enjoy being with people. And I like that part of it a great deal, you still write an enormous number of books. You have a long string of highly successful books that have won the highest literary awards. How do you sit down when his time to write a book? How do you know when it's time? How do you go about doing? Do you stay late typing? What's your ritual for writing? How do I know what I think unless I read what I write. I'm serious. I write with pencil and paper. I don't type I mean, I can type a badly. But I don't type it out. I write it out. Not have a secretary types it out for me. Her gracious reads my handwriting. Be well, and I do many drafts up, but I enjoy writing great t I get enormous pleasure out of it. I can ride on planes, but I'm traveling. I ride in the evening at home after dinner on the weekends. And I really had a lot of pleasure out of doing that. Are you working on a new book now? At the moment that number working on a new book. Do you still read fiction? Not very much never mothership, but don't kiss. Do. You have a favorite fiction book from your life. That made a big difference for you Moby, Dick Moby, Dick..

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