Willie Wonka, Winkle, BBC discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


The new original series informer, plus new seasons of the prime original the grants who are the adventures of rocky and bull winkle and the BBC. Mystery series endeavor other films arriving on prime January include A Beautiful Mind, the nineteen ninety-five call classic Brazil, the original Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory and much more. And that's new to view streaming edition on iheartradio versus Georgia the sugarbowl tomorrow evening at six on NewsRadio twelve hundred. Yeah. Intensive I like that. I think I'm going to start using that more than very very nice. Okay. So Chris bury our is a form of dancing in the format that we play. So so it's, you know, we get down, and we we danced very provocative, and he's. I I'm a big fan of provocative dancing something. Watching was meeting these beautiful young folks who are celebrating New Year's Eve with us. I said what are you guys up? Dude. You like, you know music. They said, yes, we loved music. They said, in.

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