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Indie comedy meets a supernatural monster movie twist and i didn't exactly expected to have this socially conscious message behind it it's really nice to be surprised by movie because it so easy to kind of telegraph films and predict where they're going because you know blockbusters are becoming heavily formulaic as well as just as we become more informed audience you know we tend to we see movies leave no hot where they're going and i really like that i just didn't know were colossal is going and yeah it was it was charming but it was also i think quite incisive when this limit when this bone plated film festivals got like a huge response and i feel like i i read a couple those reduce i knew what was coming in a use of uh the the film plus four action i think it's much in tune with your reaction of it being very different than your expectations in a lake much of the film i think the the lat a letter like third of it i have not try bought some of the the actions of uh jason's character but uh yeah now i have that discussion adding people to you in number number nine under with john wing chapter too long a great action movie but awesome worldbuilding why this on your list and so i think this is one that definitely overlaps with everyone else and i actually saw john whic and john the two really late i caught ban on a hot john lic on cable when i was airing on cable like a couple of months ago and then i just streamed john mcdevitt on amazon when it came on there and um i it it definitely exceeded my expectations so everyone was talking about how it was a tight action film with these gorgeous liquid graf pieces that are you know recall john will um and i was surprised like how baletic the action sequences were and yeah like like you said the worldbuilding injuy to especially as too so impressive i um was i did not expect that as well and i thought that i read jacobs up.

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