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That cold? Outside of Ketchum Sun. Valley Idaho while. Mountain of Brewster Tease? The cinematography had this kind of. Dream. Situation wherever he put his camera, he had the Sawtooth or the white cloud or the Salmon River mountains as a backdrop. But where they built the set on the top of his mountain, we were exposed to the elements. So was constantly freezing we are. We be around these heat cannons on the actors like trying to warm up and eighty would say your you need onset is like, no, I don't believe. Phasing. Park that was a really great shooting on location with Clinton for four weeks. Back. An incredible life because you've worked with so many great people. But in in situations like that, you gotta learn so much about directing and cinematography and all that stuff where you're on these spectacular locations doing things that people don't even really you know some people just dream about it never even get to experience working on it. Any capacity in your right smack DAB in the middle of it. It's incredible. I've been very lucky. I've been very fortunate in and I use. The lessons that I learned on that set and other sets in when I'm teaching actors preparing them for the professional world and what I love example. Watching. Clint Act, for the camera, he puts everything like right at the end of his nose in, it's very kind of an internal approach. I remember we're shooting the. Night shot where he's doing the monologue around the campfire and it was like he he's not doing anything I was watching very closely is technique and and yet when it got to the translator to the seventy. Foot screen it was full. And you know the authenticity is there whereas working with say Michael Keaton or Michael J. Fox they have a real kind of formula that's much more expressive than the first film co-starring with John Lithgow. He's bigger than life. He was weaned on stage and he's a big man and but George Miller the director that wanted him to be big wanted this I think John said this is one of the first acting jobs. He ever was encouraged to be bigger than life which is really Something he had to rein in for fill. A. And yet it's because he so connected to his authenticity in his genuineness. It reads really even though so huge and then were you see Michael J. Fox in? Formula that I think he honed on a family ties. I it's. It's really kind of. I don't want to say it's. Fake. But because he has a genuineness that he's coming from, but it's bigger than say the small film-acting that Clinton would do. Michael. Is. Probably the only actor who who wasn't directing the film I've ever seen called cut. Reckoning he might say. Where but Michael on one take remember him saying cut cut I didn't even believe that myself. Wow. The MEKA's had no problem with that. She was like. A trustee Mike that that was the question I was going to ask how to director react and so he was any rest of star I don't think Meka's would stanford but Michael was such. A pro is such a pro in such a great guy that you know it was no big thing. You know people like that are responsible for Everyday people thinking it's easy to be enacted. 'cause they just see him. Seems. So natural in it is it just seemed like antibody could do that. Anybody could be an actor and I think most people who've never been in a film have that attitude because of people like him on remembered Mike Mills my my make. Foreman on. He was a formative on beetlejuice and and is a great makeup guy, the makeup crew on Two in three were just amazing of Mike. was good buddies with Kevin Costner and I think on. One of the film's early on that Kevin was a gripper on crew. They go out for drinks afterwards and Kevin Complain you know. I'd factors. I can't believe you know I could give them a run for their money and all and my bedroom like a thousand bucks that he could that he couldn't do it and sure enough. Kevin. Okay. Somebody somebody just told me somebody I. Know Who's my age just discovered him recently like what a great actor is because of the show got on now that Montana thing I forgot yellowstone but it they had Kevin Costner a really good actors like you just found that out now it's been what forty years he. Really. Would stop in some not so good stuff. You know choices When he was the real big box office Dr. Choices were interesting there Yeah and that's I. Kind of admire that guy doesn't you know even if they were some bad choices that he doesn't let. His what the what the public wants from him or what the with the business wants from him dictate what he's GonNa do next he does what he wants to do next and that's something that i. wish I had learned early on I I remember when I came to Hollywood after training of the day see and San Francisco State. I fell into an opportunity to screen test for the lead in a film Co. wargames eighty two, and then a year later was on my way to test for Lady Hawke Matthew came down in his price so that both those roles went to him. But I, I remember on a lot of additions during the early years that I was getting into a lot of offices that I was very eager to try to please others. And not release a thinking more of staying centered on might pleasing myself with my own a realism and naturalism that I had developed already my my work but I would derail my own stuff by going Oh is that what you want and so I've dive into this and be bigger than life what happened to and it was like I got so took. Ten fifteen years to break out of that and. Work Authentically for the Lens, for the camera and by then the really great agent I had you know close shop and I was like, oh But you know it's like you say it's a learning. Learning Process really never ends right you've worked with so many really really impressive people and if we look at like your IMDB page or the Wikipedia page that they have on you all the things you've been in Dekasseguis are incredible. Do you get to necessarily even if you're not working on a scene or something with somebody you meet everybody who's in a movie that you're in or television show in I. Know generally you don't do. Actors and scenes that you're not in shooting on other days mostly. Though a few times, I would reach out when when I work on johnny dangerously I I really wanted to meet. A I had A. Friend who I co starred in a student film with a Grad student film with WHO Knew Joe and and. Told me some great stories, and so I, I went and knocked.

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