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He's going to get the call right? So like, Yeah. I mean, like I wanted him to make the lab I'm with. You know what I mean to, But Dr No. He needs to make the layup. But doesn't he have to go like he's a guy that could jump through the gym? Doesn't that have to go? He's got to attack that guy. Look, I'm with you Everything you just said I'm on board. I'm in a sidecar with you there. Could still say, like, man, Come on. I mean, like At least the very least draw father, But I'm with you. He's not a one, and I don't feel that's like I don't feel like it's necessary to preface every Zach Levine and breath every time Bulls conversation with it. You look and I don't want to make an apples to apples comparison, but it's like it's what I was saying A while ago about Damian Lillard Dollar has always been good. But this Damian Lillard you've seen the last two or three years wasn't the same guy in his second or third year. There's a progression and I don't know where that can ultimately end up. What is he 25? 26 in March. You've seen natural progresses. Time has gone on. He looks like he's worked on his defensive. At the very least, he's trying. He's never going to be a plus defender. But I'm with you like you want mortgage eyes that can play the game like him. Not less guys, were you have you have Lori market and who? We don't know if he's any kid. Good, consistent or can stay healthy. You have Lendell Carter Jr. Who you don't know if he could stay healthy or if he's any good. You have Kobe White. Who? You're not sure Should he start? Should he come off the bench? Should he play the point guard should play the off guard. Okay. I just named you three of their quote core guys, and we're going to Zach Levine, who's averaging 27 points per game eighth in the league. Five rebounds, five assists per game. He's handling the point guard duties more. I just I think it's silly I get. He's not the one I get. He's gonna want more money, but he is a guy that I could build with on my team and I am not in any rush Tau. It's sort of the same thing that we've talked about. But I Just again Feel like we're in Jimmy Butler to point out there not similar in which they play, but they're similar in which they've improved and where everyone always wanted to make Jimmy you can't win because of Jimmy. Jimmy's not a one. Jimmy's not this. Let's get rid of Jimmy, and it's taken four years. And in the Jimmy Butler trade. If you would have known four years ago that you were getting back a guy Have all the pieces you got back. Kristen wasn't anything we still don't know about. Why re marketing. But you got back a guy who's averaging 27 points per game Top 10 score in this league. You would've been pretty happy with that, right? Yeah, you would. He's at an all time high in assists. I believe as well. He's averaging over five assists per game. He's averaging five rebounds per game. I mean, I think you can finally make an argument that he's making guys around him better. Every year, not just being a better player himself, but He's making others around him better. Listen you you brought in a new front office you brought in a new coach. Go out and get some guys that can help exactly being loving, taken even bigger step right? I just gave you three guys from the corps. That's we have questions about on then you have Otto Porter, who they made this big trade for making $30 million. Cause they couldn't sign anybody in free agency. So let's get Otto. Another guy can't stay healthy. What is he probably has no trade value. I bet you Carter is only played half of the games. He's been involved in this. It's crazier. It's crazy, and you can't judge any of these guys because of it, at least what I see from Zach Levine. He's on that court every every game every year. He's getting better. You know, and again not perfect. And I hate that I had. Can we can we make a waddle instilled? Fine. Let's find your old. Yeah, promise that we When, once Now that going forward when we talk about Jack Levin that we don't have to profit every comment that he's not the one you got to make it sting is that a dollar Is it $5? What is it? How much is the fine? So we're going to start finding each other that he's not only are we know he's not a one, Okay? Okay. That's a dollar. You just said it. No, no, no. I'm not saying that I'm setting up the contest and setting that no Sitting on last time, not money on Draftkings. Well, five bucks how much He's got, like a dollar but going forward. I just want the ground rules here. Down black. Are you in on the game, too? Sounds like a good game for Watling. Sylvia play. Yeah. Okay, So what, like a true looks like a fun battling for you guys are playing a little tennis there back and forth. Yeah. Now on while we're making a promise any China we bring up that Jack Levin is this doesn't count here. I'm setting up the rules. If we preface any conversation about Jack Levin that he's not a one. It's a dollar fine. Listen, we don't need popping Pat Riley to play arcane when there's you and I can do this. So I'm just saying you knew him like if you listen earlier today like it was, it's known that Chris and I won't want to drive them out of town. Never said that, though. Yeah, I just said it never said No, I'm not. I'm not coming out. You guys. No, no, no. You said you guys who said that? Who do you think? He was in front of your house earlier today. It's cap from cattle. Jay Hood After I go on Tuesday, I decided I want You got to play that when we come back what happened today? I want to know it's someone showed up at Waddell's house. I guess I don't know if you wanna weigh in at my house. I don't know that that's my house. 33 lottery 77 friends in Lake Forest. Shut your mouth. You know it, You know that, And then I've got Dakota ratings that Waddle hasn't seen. And this is this is the computer program. Levin's motto one. But I'm sorry. It's a dollar swaddle and Sylvie Listeningto Waddle in Sylvia on ESPN 1000 Chicago's home for.

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