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About mom and a daughter and their relationship and just the ups and downs novel or Yeah Yeah Yeah sounds like a good beat it is it is and I'm almost wants done it then. I'm going to have to find something else and my wife is close to being done with the book. No I'm just not supposed to talk to her till she finishes it but you're what seventy eight percent are you reading <hes> on this at home and other places Lord sometimes paper have my kindle APP on my ipad <hes> but the IPAD I can't see in the sun so that's why I love the kindle. On where do you find the difference reading the kindle APP on the IPAD versus reading on this <hes>. I'm just this is in backlit so I can read it easily down on the beach and just at home I happen to have the <hes> the kindle APP on the IPAD and their children some color and it's a little easier to follow a link to the Internet and stuff exactly right. I can go to the Amazon store if I need to Yup and are you ever reading paper books. He says I just told her when I finished this one. My niece gave me one in. It's a paperback so I might bring that down to the beach. When somebody gets my father.

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