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Fifty W F T L, West Palm Beach Pembroke park Fort Pierce. From ABC news. I'm daria. Art, Nancy Pelosi is now another step closer to the house. Speakership Nancy Pelosi is already served as house speaker, and she's expected to win election again in January she secured the votes from new members of her own party by green to limit the number of times anyone could be elected speaker, including her the term limit would be three times a speaker with a possible. Fourth term only if two thirds of House Democrats say yes, Andy Field ABC news Washington before he was handed down a three year prison sentence. President Trump's former attorney slammed his one time climber. Someone heading to prison. It was striking to hear Michael Cohen speak in court about freedom. He said his sentencing Mark the day. He's getting his freedom back from what he called a personal and mental incarceration that he had been living in ever since. He went to work for Donald Trump out of what Cohen called blind loyalty. He said he agreed repeatedly to cover up what he called Trump's dirty deeds. Cohen pleaded guilty to among other things arranging payments to conceal his bosses, alleged affairs. He also. Pleaded guilty to evading taxes and lying to congress. The judge said as a lawyer Cohen should have known better. Aaron katersky. ABC news, New York. Mexico will crack down on entry at the southern border. Mexico's new government is doing exactly what President Trump has been calling for Mexico's interior secretary announcing the country is closing off illegal entry at its southern border with Guatemala, not allowing migrants to Wade through a river into Mexico. Mexico is giving no details on how it will be done. But the secretary saying anyone who wants to enter Mexico will have to get in line. And do it legally. Alex stone ABC news. British Prime Minister Theresa may has survived a political crisis winning a confidence vote by conservative lawmakers. The wind came at a price though is made promises not to run free election in twenty twenty to the.

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